Jamie Lee Curtis Returning After Halloween Ends?

Jamie Lee Curtis says she will always consider coming back to the Halloween franchise.

By Matthew Creith | Published

For actor Jamie Lee Curtis, appearing in a plethora of movies with high-profile costars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michelle Yeoh is nothing compared to the lengthy career she has enjoyed riding the wave of the horror film genre, as the film veteran has become the go-to scream queen of her generation. Her multiple takes on the character of Laurie Strode have solidified the actor’s place in the horror film genre, and Jamie Lee Curtis will next be seen in what many fans are calling a possible last appearance as the character in this month’s Halloween Ends. However, it seems that Curtis may not be finished with Michael Myers and the well-established slasher franchise as she has not confirmed whether or not she is shutting the door on future appearances in the film series altogether.

According to an interview Jamie Lee Curtis gave to SFX, her upcoming stint in Halloween Ends may not be her last as the actor has confirmed that it might be “stupid” to claim that she would never participate in another Halloween film ever again. Even with a title like Halloween Ends, which should suggest that this could be the absolute end of Michael Myers’ torturous tirade upon local residents for the past 40 years, audiences would be kidding themselves if they believed the madness and slashing would end with this latest project. However, both Curtis and Nick Castle, who has embodied The Shape in cameo roles on and off since the 1978 original, have said that Halloween Ends will most likely be their last.

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis’ interview while promoting Halloween Ends at least keeps the door open for a little while at the prospect of Laurie Strode’s return in future installments. Keeping with the tradition of never saying never to a big budgeted project where she could play the star, Curtis had reprised her role as Laurie Strode in several Halloween films up until 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection, when the actor claimed she might be done with the franchise at that time. Cut to almost 20 years later, her godson and fellow actor Jake Gyllenhaal had phoned Curtis to tell her that director David Gordon Green had some ideas about rebooting a trilogy of sorts, which directly led the True Lies performer to play Strode again for 2018’s Halloween, 2021’s Halloween Kills, and this year’s Halloween Ends.

Directed by David Gordon Green, cowritten by Danny McBride, and starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards, Halloween Ends is set to debut in theaters on October 14. The film will simultaneously be available to stream for those with a paid subscription to Peacock and will feature Curtis’ Laurie Strode in a final head-to-head match with the demon she has faced for over 40 years. Originally supposed to be released in 2021, the film was pushed back and delayed due to the COVID pandemic, but Blumhouse and Miramax seem to have faith that the spooky season will bring audiences back to witness Michael Myers in what might be his final slasher outing.