Jamie Lee Curtis Accused Of Being Awful To Halloween Stars

Halloween icon Jamie Lee Curtis treated fellow actresses Danielle Harris and Scout Taylor-Compton terribly at the film premiere's afterparty.

By Douglas Helm | Published

Jamie Lee Curtis is essential to the Halloween franchise, and she returned as Laurie Strode in Halloween Ends, which recently had a red-carpet screening in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it seems like not everyone had a great time at the event, as actresses Danielle Harris and Scout Taylor-Compton apparently didn’t have the best experience with Curtis. In an interview with the Talk Scary To Me podcast, the two actors said they left the Halloween Ends afterparty “feeling very, very hurt” after their interactions with Curtis.

The two recount the details of their individual encounters with Jamie Lee Curtis on the podcast, with Danielle Harris going more in-depth with her story. Harris specifically mentions how she approached Curtis and introduced herself as the actor who played Laurie Strode’s daughter in Halloween 4. Harri alleges that Curtis replied by saying “I’ve never seen those movies, I don’t know who you are.”

While Scout Taylor-Compton doesn’t give much detail about her encounter with Jamie Lee Curtis at the Halloween Ends afterparty, she did begin to cry and said that her experience was very similar to Harris’. The two Halloween alums also made sure to mention that Curtis could have been having a bad day and they acknowledged she was very busy at the event. They also made sure to express that she is the face of the franchise and deserves the fan love for playing Laurie Strode.

Jamie Lee curtis halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween Kills (2021)

While it’s never fun to hear of a fan-favorite celebrity like Jamie Lee Curtis being accused of causing problems, hopefully, Scout Taylor-Compton and Danielle Harris are feeling better after the Halloween event. The two aren’t as known for their contributions to the Halloween universe on the same level as Curtis, but Harris played Laurie Strode’s daughter in the fourth Halloween movie and played Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie’s take on the franchise, and Scout Taylor-Compton played Laurie Strode herself in the Zombie movies. It’s definitely understandable the two would be upset if they had a less-than-ideal experience meeting someone who likely inspired them.

Unfortunately for Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of the Halloween Ends crew, it seems like their efforts for the final film in the reboot trilogy haven’t been worth it, if the reviews are anything to go by. The film currently has a 40% from critics and a 57% from audiences on the review aggregation platform Rotten Tomatoes. It appears that Halloween Ends might not be the end to the story that fans were looking for.

Regardless, there will likely be quite a few people who go out to see how one of the most iconic horror franchises wraps things up. If you’re one of those people who needs to see Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers square off once again, you can see Halloween Ends in theaters now. If you prefer to watch the film at home, you can stream it on Peacock instead (and save some money while you’re at it).

Halloween Ends stars Jamie Lee Curtis, James Jude Courtney, Andi Matichak, Rohan Campbell, Will Patton, Jesse C. Boyd, Michael Barbieri, and Destiny Mone. David Gordon Green returns to direct with Paul Brad Logan penning the script. If you see Halloween Ends and it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you could always revisit the 1978 John Carpenter classic.