James Gunn Warns Peacemaker Fans About Final Episodes

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago

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Fans of James Gunn and Peacemaker have been handed a treat so far on HBO Max. It’s been a series that’s lived up to almost all of the hype with a ridiculous story, hilarious premise, doltish-but-lovable lead, and a cast of characters that you can just root for through and through. Gunn has really given us something with the series, carrying over the promise of what we saw last summer in The Suicide Squad. But as the series draws to a close for Season 1, James Gunn did have a warning for fans. 

According to a recent post that James Gunn uploaded on his Twitter page, the talented filmmaker brought up the importance of not delaying watching the last episodes of the series. In the post, Gunn stated, “The one thing I’d say is if you can watch both episodes early when they come out do, so the internet doesn’t spoil them for you.” It seems some major events are set to happen in the last couple episodes of the Peacemaker series. It was definitely very kind and thoughtful for Gunn to warn fans that they shouldn’t waste too much time to watch the final episodes. Check it out:

Peacemaker is a spinoff based on one of the characters from the 2021 film directed by James Gunn, The Suicide Squad. The series was created by James Gunn, and he also contributed to the show as a writer and also executive producer. John Cena, who is really known as being a professional wrestler, has also delved into the acting scene for some time. Due to Cena’s strength, he was cast to play the role of Peacemaker. According to the DC Extended Universe fandom page, Peacemaker is more of a “violent vigilante.” So, in other words, he wants to have peace, however, he doesn’t achieve that in exactly the most safe, and non-violent process. In the series, Peacemaker joins forces with A.R.G.U.S. in an attempt to take down butterfly alien parasites. 

The first season of James Gunn’s DC series has actually had very good reception among critics and fans. According to Business Insider, the series was one of the highest in demand and watched series on HBO Max, which is definitely an amazing feat. On IMDB, the series currently has a high rated score of 8.4. Peacemaker also cast Danielle Brookes, Freddie Stroma, and Jennifer Holland who have successfully brought the story to life. Due to the success and positive reception from fans, a second season has already been set and confirmed. 

There is a lot of intrigue of what the last episodes will bring, but since James Gunn went to social media to personally tell fans of the show to make sure to watch them as soon as possible, it seems some big scenes and plot twists might be revealed. If you are a big fan of the show, it seems you should perhaps clear your schedule to make certain you don’t fall behind with the big, final reveals of the first season. Since James Gunn is involved, it is very unlikely that we will be disappointed. The final episode will air on February 17th on HBO Max.