James Gunn Reveals More DC Projects Than Originally Announced

James Gunn hints that the announced projects for DC's Chapter 1 may only contain "less than half" the overall titles.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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James Gunn, the top executive at DC, gave fans an exciting update via Twitter, teasing that there is even more to come during the DCU’s first installment than had previously been announced. Early in 2023, Gunn had announced the official first 10 projects for DC Chapter 1, but now it seems like those 10 may only be half of the titles Warner Bros. Discovery plans to put out for the first installment. 

In November 2022, James Gunn and Peter Safran were named co-CEOs of DC Studios. In just a few months since getting hired, Gunn and Safran have already managed to turn DC upside down in a series of both disappointing and exciting actions. While fans were pretty upset that Warner Bros. Discovery fired Henry Cavill as Superman, the internet has been over the moon about the future projects to come with Gunn’s new DC plan. 

James Gunn announced that, like Marvel, DC’s upcoming projects would be split into installments. Where Marvel called their installments Phases, Gunn is calling DC’s Chapters. Chapter 1, called Gods and Monsters, was previously revealed to contain 10 projects, and Gunn has said that he plans to have two full chapters released in the next 10 years. 

If Chapter 2 is as long as Chapter 1 was announced to be, that meant that Gunn planned to have at least 20 titles released in a 10-year time frame. It was already an ambitious timeline before James Gunn hinted that more DC projects may be included in Chapter 1 that have not yet been announced. Currently, the slate includes five movies and five television series that will start being released on HBO Max in 2025. However, according to Gunn’s tweet, that may be “less than half” the story.

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While fans were expecting that Warner Bros. Discovery was hiding a few titles up its metaphorical sleeves, reserving them for a later announcement, no one guessed that the already disclosed projects made up less than half of the total slate for Chapter 1. This means that the first installment alone will have to contain at least 20 titles if Gunn’s tweet is accurate. 

When discussing his plans for the DCU, James Gunn said that DC is much more planned out than Marvel ever was at the early stages of conception. Gunn claims that DC is planning a much larger central story where superheroes have existed as part of the real world for quite some time. Allegedly, Warner Bros. Discovery is gathering a team of writers to work on all these unnamed mysterious projects so that the first two chapters of the DCU are fully planned out in advance.

Although the total number of titles included in the first two chapters is currently unknown, James Gunn has said that the two DC chapters will encompass about a 10-year time frame. After that, he said that the story will go on, but it all depends on how the first two chapters go on whether or not he and Safran will remain with Warner Bros. Discovery. 

While it’s unclear exactly when James Gunn will release his full DC timeline, more announcements will probably come once Warner Bros. Discovery’s previous DC projects (as in prior to Gunn and Safran) have wrapped up by the end of this year.