James Bond Director Accused Of Severe Sexual Misconduct

By James Brizuela | 14 seconds ago

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Famed director of No Time To Die, Cary Fukunaga, is now being accused of sexual misconduct by several young female actors. The man is accused of not only predator-type behavior but he is also being accused of grooming as well. The three women that have come forward so far are Rachelle Vinberg, Hannah Loesch, and Cailin Loesch. The women have all posted their stories online and have seen fit to expose the man for the alleged sexual misconduct that he enacted towards them. All these women had horrific stories that have been shared.

Rachelle Vinberg claims that Cary Fukunaga allegedly pursued her shortly after she had turned 18 years old. She claims the man attempted to pressure her into a sexual relationship some months after her birthday. Vinberg initially began to out the man and accuse him of predatory behavior after he had posted about the controversy behind Roe V. Wade being overturned. The post was meant to support pro-choice, but that resulted in Vinberg posting her own story about the man. The actress stated “It pisses me off cause he literally doesn’t care about women. He only traumatizes them. I’ve spoken to many girls. F*** you Cary.” She then began to detail their relationship and after they had met while working on a Samsung commercial together. She claimed that she didn’t want people to know about their relationship and had spent years afraid of what he might do if she told anyone. She also stated that she entered therapy after the ordeal and was diagnosed with PTSD.

The twin actresses, Hanna and Cailin Loesch have told a similar story. They came forward with their own horrifying encounters with Cary Fukunaga because Vinberg had been so brave in revealing her story. They explained that Fukunaga had allegedly attempted to ask them both for a threesome on more than one occasion. The women stated that they had been in their early 20s then this happened. They also claim that Fukunaga allegedly told them that incest was ok “if all parties are ok with it.” The twins also recalled a story in which they attended a nightclub with the director, and they had blacked out because of whatever they had been given. They claimed that Fukunaga had allegedly been pressing his body against them on the dance floor while taking advantage of their lucid state.

Vinberg decided to come forward when she stated that she should be representing women and stated that “This guy was roaming, free doing this.” Cary Fukunaga is just another name on the growing list of Hollywood-based directors or actors that have been accused of strong sexual misconduct. The #metoo movement was meant to inspire change, but it appears that more work needs to be done on that front. There have been no comments made yet by Fukunaga, but there are sure to be plenty of questions asked of the man.

This might start a chain reaction of even more women coming out in support of Vinberg and the Loesch twins, by recounting their own stories about Cary Fukunaga’s alleged behavior towards them. Fukunaga had also worked on True Detective and had allegedly pressured Raeden Greer into appearing topless for an episode. She claims that once she refused, she was fired from the show. These are some horrific claims and Fukunaga is going to have to answer for some heinous crimes if they are proven true.