We May Have A New James Bond, And The Choice Is Shocking

A new report claims Aaron Taylor-Johnson has met with the James Bond producers about playing 007.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

James Bond Aaron Taylor-Johnson

If a new report is accurate, then the next actor to play 007 may be kick-ass in more ways than one. Unconfirmed word from an insider says that the James Bond producers have met with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and that things look good for the Avengers: Age of Ultron star. If he lands the part, Taylor-Johnson’s profile in Hollywood would receive a pretty big boost.

The report comes from Puck News‘ Matthew Belloni, who says that James Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli met with Aaron Taylor-Johnson about the role of the iconic secret agent. If true, it’s a surprise development considering the Kick-Ass star wasn’t one of the top names being reported on since Daniel Craig’s departure with 2021’s No Time to Die was announced. The loudest rumors have consistently swirled around stars like Henry Cavill, Rege-Jean Page, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and James Norton.

The James Bond franchise could certainly do worse than Aaron Taylor-Johnson. At 32, he’s over 20 years younger than the departing Daniel Craig. With action-heavy roles in the Kick-Ass films, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Bullet Train, and the upcoming Kraven the Hunter, playing 007 would be far from Taylor-Johnson’s first time dealing with stunts and the other rigors of starring in action films.

james bond aaron taylor-johnson
Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train (2022)

James Bond producers are also potentially comfortable with casting Aaron Taylor-Johnson because the English actor meets one of the non-negotiable requirements for the part. In spite of the producers reportedly becoming more open about the idea of actors of different genders and ethnicities taking on the part of Bond, they remain adamant that the secret agent needs to be British.

Regardless of whether or not he ultimately plays the British James Bond, we know for sure Aaron Taylor-Johnson will premiere as the Russian-born Sergei Kravinoff later this year in Kraven the Hunter. Originating as a supervillain in 1964’s Amazing Spider-Man #15, Kraven is often depicted as an enhanced hunter obsessed with defeating animal-themed heroes like Spider-Man. He will reportedly be more on the anti-hero side of things when he hits the big screen on October 6.

Perhaps even more surprising than the possible James Bond casting was an interview Aaron Taylor-Johnson gave that seemed to hint his take on Kraven the Hunter wouldn’t be the same kind of hunter. The actor described his Kraven as a conservationist and even an “animal lover.” Meanwhile, the comic book version of Kraven regularly and proudly displays trophies of his animal kills, including as part of his costume.

The potential future James Bond star may have been misunderstood; it’s possible Aaron Taylor-Johnson meant Kraven is an “animal lover” in the sense that he honors the beasts he hunts. That would be more in line with the character from the source material, who honors Spider-Man (in his own way) even as he hunts him.