Jameela Jamil Thinks She Looks Terrible In She-Hulk

Jameela Jamil recently responded to the internet and how they perceived an image of her on She-Hulk. She laughed and agreed that she does look horrible in the show.

By James Brizuela | Published

jameela jamil

There has been plenty of criticism that has surrounded the She-Hulk series, and it sadly hasn’t had the time to premiere yet. The upcoming Disney+ entry has already received backlash on how Tatiana Maslany looks as Jennifer Walters. That led to the team working on the show to help that case with a redesign. Now, fans have also gone after Jameela Jamil, as an image of her as the villainous Titiana also appeared online. However, Jamil had the right attitude towards the whole endeavor, even agreeing that she did look horrible in the shot that had been posted. You can see her response below:

She has also accepted the fact that Marvel fans are going to be negative about plenty of things, as is the way of the world when it comes to people on the internet. Jameela Jamil has stated, “I dutifully accept the crowd attack.” The thing is that most people don’t understand or know about the long hours that most actors must deal with while on the set of any sort of film or television show. They are often in terrible weather conditions for more than 12 hours, hence Jamil’s response about how her hair looked in the above photo. She did mention having to be in the sun for 14 hours. Anyone would look a little beat up after that.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law seems to be garnering plenty of negative attention, which might be because the Marvel SFX crew is overworked. There has been news about the stories shared via Reddit and other pages about the working conditions that are leading to a boycott from plenty of those workers. We are not saying that is connected to She-Hulk, but it certainly could be. Jameela Jamil might just have been suffering from being overworked herself, leading to an image of not looking as good as she usually does. Quite honestly, as least she can have a laugh about it. Most people take negative comments personally, but she was clearly laughing at the image on Twitter. Again, the internet is always going to be chock full of people who are saying negative things, so it’s best to just laugh and move on.

Hopefully, everything works out for both Tatiana Maslany and Jameela Jamil. She-Hulk is meant to bridge the gap between where Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner has been. We have not seen the character since the end of the Avengers: Endgame, but he is going to be a huge figure in this show. This could also mean that She-Hulk is going to be featured in more than just this new show for the MCU. Jameela Jamil is playing the villain role, so she might not make it past this show. However, crazier things have happened. Not every villain goes away completely. We’re looking at you Red Skull.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law debuts officially on August 17th. Everyone will get to see how Jameela Jamil looks as Titiana. Also, the new redesign of She-Hulk is meant to quiet down the negative comments about how Jennifer Walters looks in the green makeup and all Hulked out. We are excited to see how everything turns out, and we will withhold judgment about the show until we see it.