Jake Gyllenhaal To Lead A Group Of Thieves In Speedboat Heist Movie

By Michileen Martin | 4 months ago

jake gyllenhaal

What’s the best heist movie? Ocean’s Eleven? Reservoir Dogs? The original (1955) version of The Ladykillers? Inception? Well, whatever you choose, there’s a good chance it’s going to be missing one crucial ingredient — speedboats. No need to worry, though. The Oscar-nominated, scarf-stealing, bathing-light leading man Jake Gyllenhaal is going to remedy the situation.

THR reports Gyllenhaal has signed up both for the leading role of the upcoming heist flick, Cut & Run, and as one of its producers. Cut & Run is coming from New Republic Pictures, with whom Jake Gyllenhaal previously partnered for his upcoming Michael Bay directed action thriller, Ambulance. According to Cut & Run‘s logline, Gyllenhaal’s character will lead a group of thieves who “use speedboats to rob superyachts.” Things will apparently go sideways for the actor and his crew after stealing “the wrong thing from the wrong people.” The spec script was written by John Glenn (Eagle Eye, SEAL Team). There’s no word yet on directors, other cast, or a production schedule.

It seems like Jake Gyllenhaal is getting a taste for heist films. While it doesn’t sound like it has any of the crucial speedboats, his next film, Ambulance, is likewise part of the heist subgenre. Gyllenhaal will play Danny Sharp — a professional criminal whose adoptive brother William (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) needs a lot of cash fast for his wife’s surgery. Unfortunately, during the heist they shoot an LAPD officer and wind up on the run in an ambulance with the dying cop and an EMT (Eiza Gonz├ílez). The film will hit theaters on April 8 and be available for streaming on Peacock 45 days later.

Along with making heist flicks, Jake Gyllenhaal also seems to have a thing for Danish remakes. Just as the upcoming Ambulance is a remake of a 2005 Danish film of the same name, Gyllenhaal’s most recent film — Netflix’s The Guilty — is based on a 2018 Danish flick, once again with the same title. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, with whom the actor had previously collaborated with on 2015’s Southpaw, The Guilty stars Gyllenhaal as troubled LAPD officer Joe Baylor who is working at a 911 call center. The thriller began streaming on October 1, 2021 and streamed like crazy. According to Deadline, The Guilty was streamed in 69 million households in the first month, hitting the #1 spot in 91 countries.

But these days Jake Gyllenhaal is being brought up in conversations that have nothing to do with his movies, regardless of speedboats, heists, or Danish origins. The re-release of singer Taylor Swift’s album Red included a new ten minute version of “All Too Well,” which is all but confirmed to be about the break-up between Swift and Gyllenhaal. Along with the album release, Swift performed the ten minute version on Saturday Night Live, and fans had a grand time roasting the actor.

While Jake Gyllenhaal hasn’t commented publicly on the song or the social media scolding he’s gotten, he did find a pretty sneaky way to poke fun at it all. In an interview with W Magazine this month, Taylor Swift’s name wasn’t mentioned at all. However, the photos accompanying the story include one in which Gyllenhaal is dressed in a bright red shirt, with glasses that look a lot like the heart-shaped pair Swift wears in her video “22.” He vacuums a red carpet in another shot — or, perhaps, a giant version of the red scarf fans keep demanding he give back to Tay-tay.