Jake Gyllenhaal Being Roasted For Brutal New Song From His Ex-Girlfriend

Ouch. Here's what fans are saying about Jake Gyllenhaal after the release of a new song from his ex-girlfriend.

By James Brizuela | Published

jake gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is as popular as movie stars come. His ex-girlfriend, who happens to be Taylor Swift, is also as popular as pop stars come. Swift has released a re-recorded version of her hit album, Red (Taylor’s Version). The new album contains a song that has long since been thought to be about Gyllenhaal, as the pair dated around the time the album had been recorded. The song entitled, “All Too Well,” is said to be about the rocky end to their relationship.

The newest version of the ultimate Jake Gyllenhaal diss song from Swift is an extended ten-minute long version. Many fans of Swift were wondering if the rumored ten-minute version of “All Too Well” would ever be released. Swift gladly gifted the fans with the new song, and the lyrics point to a much more brutal side of the pop singer. References made to the age gap between the two are at the highlight of the new version. When they dated, Gyllenhaal was nearing 30 years old and Taylor Swift was 21 years old. “You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine / And that made me want to die.”

The entire Twitterverse exploded with people sympathizing and roasting Jake Gyllenhaal about having to revisit the song over again, but this time with a much deeper lyrical beating. The internet is hard to escape, especially when there are tons of scathing responses to something that had been done several years ago. It’s no surprise that this album would blow up again. Taylor Swift has legions of fans ready to back up her art and this new version of one of her most popular diss tracks.

The above tweet is referencing when Jake Gyllenhaal recently made headlines after announcing he doesn’t think showering is necessary. He then backtracked and assured fans that he does, sometimes, practice personal hygiene.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift allegedly dated for three months back in 2010. He was about to be 30 years old, while Swift was turning 21. Much of the new song’s themes deal with Gyllenhaal breaking off their relationship due to the age gap that he just couldn’t look past. Now that Swift is older, there is no telling how much deeper and thought-provoking her writing style has become. If Twitter is any indication, Gyllenhaal might be in a world of trouble for the next several months, or years.

Jake Gyllenhaal is currently busy with multiple movie projects, but that doesn’t mean that the actor cannot be bombarded with questions regarding his ex-girlfriend. Especially being how prevalent social media is in this day and age. And that is not accounting for how popular Taylor Swift is. Hopefully, his friends aren’t rushing to their phones to show him the latest Twitter bashing.

When all is said and done, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift can mend their broken relationship and become friends. That may take some time as the droves of fans on Taylor Swift’s side seem to be endless in nature. These fans are also not shying away from taking the time to bash the actor all over again. Gyllenhaal might want to wait a few months to return to Twitter to see what people are saying about him.