Jake Gyllenhaal Starring In Reboot Of Patrick Swayze’s Best Film

It looks like Jake Gyllenhaal is going to be remaking a Patrick Swayze classic and there are some big names attached to this one

By Doug Norrie | Published

Jake Gyllenhaal 

Fans of the 80s rejoice, a cult classic is about to get a reboot and there’s some chance they might do right by the original. That’s asking a lot these days, but it could be the case with the next one coming down the pike, a return to the Double Deuce, and all of the trouble stirred up at the joint. According to Deadline, Jake Gyllenhaal is rebooting Road House and though they are making some changes from the original, there’s hope that this one would make the late Patrick Swayze proud. They’ve added a stellar cast behind the star and in the director’s chair as well. It will share the same name, but some of the beats will change to set it apart from the original.

According to the latest reporting, Jake Gyllenhaal will play a similar character to Patrick Swayze’s James Dalton from the original movie. Both are known fighters who’ve been tasked with taking over security at a bar where things have gotten a bit out of hand. Whereas the original Road House was set in Missouri, this one will take its story to the Florida Keys and Jake Gyllenhaal’s character will be an ex-UFC fighter looking to start a new life outside of the ring. And if the original movie is any indication, this reboot could get pretty violent. At the center of the Patrick Swayze flick was a greedy local tycoon who threatens and businesses and lives of some other locals who stand in his way. The reboot will likely take a modern-day spin on the same theme.

Joining Jake Gyllenhaal in the Road House reboot will be some other notables to round out the cast. Billy Magnussen and Daniela Melchior are also set to star with this latest announcement around the reboot meant to highlight their casting. It’s not clear what their exact roles will be, but it could be that the former is who Gyllenhaal is up against in terms of henchmen and Melchior could be the love interest. In the original Patrick Swayze’s character fell in love with a local doctor played by Kelly Lynch. It’s unclear if that will be the same scenario here. 

And behind the camera, the Road House reboot will be getting some help as well. Doug Liman is in the director’s chair giving the sense that this flick will be heavier on the action. Liman has helmed movies like the Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and Jason Bourne as well as Edge of Tomorrow and American Made. This will be his first time working with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal and company probably aren’t too far away from starting filming now that the cast and locations are pretty much set. Road House is set to come to Amazon Prime Video and will stream exclusively on the service. Let’s hope it can live up to the Patrick Swayze original. And judging by the talent here it certainly looks like it has a chance. We will have more definitive timelines about the movie’s release when they are reported.