Jake Gyllenhaal Steals An Ambulance In Trailer For Michael Bay’s New Movie

By Erika Hanson | 3 months ago

Jake Gyllenhaal

Michael Bay looks to be back in all his “bayhem” explosive glory. The new trailer for his first film in three years landed a Super Bowl spot last night and looked to be promising to deliver the popular tropes and cliches strewn throughout his lucrative career. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ambulance sets the stage for the non-stop action film set to land in theaters this April.

See the non-stop action showcased in the trailer below.

The Ambulance trailer centers on the Los Angeles focal point of the film, as the words, “It was a beautiful morning in Los Angeles” appear on the screen. Teasing at the perpetual action sequences at the center of the film, the quick 30-second teaser trailer features voiceovers from characters detailing pivotal plot points such as “my wife needs surgery” and Jake Gyllenhaal’s character exclaiming “we’re not the bad guys. We’re just the guys trying to get home”.

With the voiceovers coinciding with Michael Bay’s iconic action styles being showcased, viewers were treated to a symphony of explosions, car crashes, gunfights, and helicopters–all in under 30 seconds. The focal point stayed on all things LA, and we’re still unclear as to why the film is so heavily focusing on Ambulance’s setting, and hope the movie reveals a deeper connection.

As Michael Bay’s first film in theaters since the pandemic hit, Ambulance features an ensemble cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who recently portrayed incarnated Morpheus in The Matrix Resurrections, and Eiza Gonzalez of the Acadamy Award-nominated film, Baby Driver. The film’s screenplay from Chris Fedak is based on the 2005 Danish thriller Ambulance by Lauritis Munch-Petersen and Lars Andreas Pedersen.

michael bay ambulance

In Ambulance, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a fearless career criminal that seems to be quite arrogant when it comes to his special skills. Embarking on the heist of his life, Gyllenhaal teeters on the line of good and bad as he attempts to help his adoptive brother, played by Abdul-Mateen II, pay for his wife’s medical bills. In a turn of events, the brothers end up hijacking an ambulance, holding a cop hostage, and taking a wild ride on a high-speed chase as they attempt to flee Los Angeles. 

Many longtime fans of Michael Bay have felt let down by the renowned action director over his recent films. Skeptics for Ambulance look to Bay’s recent endeavors, like the Transformers franchise or his latest Netflix release, 6 Underground, which were ultimately considered misses from audiences. On the other hand, the promising cast centering around Academy Award-nominated Jake Gyllenhaal leaves us hoping to see the “Bayhem” the world once fell in love with after Bad Boys and Armageddon.

As for the man at the center of Ambulance, Jake Gyllenhaal seems pleased with his role in the upcoming film. Making the usual publicity rounds for the film, Gyllenhaal told CinemaCon that Ambulance is the type of film made to watch in a “big old movie theater.” And at 41 years old, the Los Angeles native remains one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men. Jake Gyllenhaal has plenty of upcoming projects in development, including Guy Ritchie’s upcoming thriller, The Interpreter, and the highly anticipated video-game genre film, The Division, based on Tom Clancey’s beloved eponymous game. As for the man helming Ambulance, Bay has a few more directorial projects planned, including another Transformers film.