See Euphoria Star Jacob Elordi As DC’s Nightwing

Jacob Elordi is rumored to be Superman, but a fan has created an amazing image of the Euphoria star as Nightwing.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

Harvey Guillén

The moment that James Gunn announced the existing DCU would be thrown aside in favor of a new unified vision, fans began casting their favorite stars in the roles of the World’s Finest. An artist on Instagram decided to share their vision for one of the most-requested additions to the Warner Bros. film franchise: Nightwing, the first Robin, now his own superhero. Jacob Elordi, Nate Jacobs on HBO’s hit series Euphoria, has been rumored to be taking over as Superman, but this artwork makes a strong case for the street-level hero Nightwing.

Credit: bobby_art/Instagram

Jacob Elordi has the right bone structure, height, and most importantly, amazing head of hair, to pull off a live-action Dick Grayson and his alter-ego, Nightwing. Frequently topping fan surveys as their favorite character, Grayson has been a part of the DC Universe since 1940, when he first appeared as Robin, the Boy Wonder. Though he’s been depicted in film by Chris O’Donnell (Batman Forever, Batman and Robin), both times the character was just Robin, it took the HBO Max series Titans to finally bring the grown-up Grayson to life.

Brenton Thwaites has played Dick Grayson for the past five seasons of Titans, and has also been fan requested to take over the role in the feature film franchise. Jacob Elordi has yet to star, or even take part in, any superhero film, though that will likely change in the actor’s future.

The Australian star is just starting out his career which began as an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, before landing his own film franchise. Jacob Elordi starred opposite Joey King in all three The Kissing Booth films as the local bad boy Noah Flynn. Oddly, his character in the rather light-hearted romantic comedy, is wearing a Batman costume during the first film’s climax, which will be an amazing trivia question if he ever does get to play Nightwing.

Jacob Elordi

On Euphoria Jacob Elordi gets to flex his acting muscles a bit more as Nate Jacobs, the athlete prone to sudden bursts of anger and rash decisions. Personality wise Nate is the complete opposite of Dick Grayson, often referred to in the comics as the friendliest superhero. Elordi taking up the batons of Nightwing could also be a great way to avoid being typecast as the angry jock boyfriend in dramas.

Even if Jacob Elordi never actually puts on the tights of Nightwing, being mentioned as a potential franchise leading superhero has to do wonders for his career. Only 25, The Mortuary Collection (his highest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes) star has an entire career ahead of him, which based off of his breakthrough role in Euphoria will likely be highly successful. Capable of holding his own in intense scenes opposite the award-winning Zendaya, the sky’s the limit for Elordi.

Outside of Euphoria, Jacob Elordi is also working on Saltburn a thriller about an aristoctic English family co-starring Rosamund Pike, and Priscilla, a biopic about the wife of Elvis. Elordi plays the King of Rock and Roll alongside Cailee Spaeney as Priscilla Presley. In the meantime, James Gunn has yet to make any definitive announcements about the future of the DCU so fans are left to speculate on what role, if any, Nightwing will have in the new universe.