Jackass 4: All We Know About the Bonkers Comedy Sequel

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

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Jackass 4 sounds like an impossibility but it is actually happening. A fourth installment in the widely successful documentary/comedy series is on the way from Paramount.

Don’t believe it? This is everything we know about Jackass 4 at this point.

When You Can Watch Jackass 4

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Originally, Jackass 4 was announced back in December 2019 with a release date of March 5, 2021. Production had been underway but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Production has yet to resume but the sequel was given a new release date of July 2, 2021. This positioned the slapstick sequel in the middle of summer and on the very profitable 4th of July weekend. That is a strong sign of faith in this fourth outing for the Jackass crew.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic and other rescheduling efforts have caused Jackass 4 to move once again. If everything stays on course, the fourth entry in the popular stunt/prank franchise will debut in theaters on September 3, 2021.

Who Is Coming Back?

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As of now, it is assumed that all the headlining members of the Jackass crew will be returning for Jackass 4. Series director Jeff Tremaine has been announced as the director and founding producer Spike Jonze will also be on board. Naturally, series figurehead Johnny Knoxville is slated to front the new film just like he has with all the previous Jackass features.

Additionally, it is assumed that Bam Margera will also be prominently featured in Jackass 4. Margera found success with the Jackass franchise and was given his only television series, Viva La Bam, back in 2003. Other notable members expected to come back for this fourth go-around are: Steve-O, Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuña, Preston Lacy, Chris Pontius, Ehren McGhehey, and Dave Englund. Knoxville has also talked about wanting to bring in some “fresh blood”, so it is possible we could see brand new cast members join in on the fun. There is also a good chance of a few celebrity cameos as that has also been a staple of the Jackass movie series.

Of course, the only main player not returning for Jackass 4 is Ryan Dunn. Dunn tragically died in a car crash back in 2011 at the age of 34. His death seemed to retire the Jackass brand as his fellow co-stars didn’t want to continue on the series without him. Things have obviously changed but it is likely that this newest Jackass film will find some way to pay tribute to Dunn.

How Crazy Will Jackass 4 Get?

The appeal of the Jackass films has to do with the various pranks and stunts that the ensemble subject themselves to. Each film has upped the ante on how wild the individual bits can get. Some scenarios involve inflicting pain on the cast while others have them pranking their fellow castmates or the general public. The later Jackass films started to stray away from pranks on unsuspecting public victims and focused more on having a laugh at the expense of the cast.

As far as Jackass 4 is concerned, we don’t know exactly what the ratio of stunts to pranks will be. It is possible that there could be more pranks on the public now that the Jackass crew isn’t as instantly recognizable as they were during the height of the franchise’s popularity. In all three Jackass movies, the cast have put themselves in different kinds of prosthetic makeup – usually turning them into elderly citizens – and it is almost certain that will make a return in this fourth film.

The thing that most fans are interested in and concerned about are the painful stunts. The entire Jackass crew is now in their forties and fifties. The amount and intensity of physical abuse they can take have new limits. Granted, Jackass 4 will operate like all the other Jackass films, and these stunts will be safely monitored and executed with appropriate medical staff on hand. But, it is possible that this fourth entry in the series will not focus as strongly on the painful stunts.

The Jackass film series is a landmark in slapstick comedy, stunt work, and prank comedy. The movies have maintained a comedic potency over the years. If the Jackass crew is feeling up to it and are creatively motivated – Knoxville has stated that there are plenty of ideas that were even leftover from Jackass 3-D – then we are all in for Jackass 4. As soon as we know anything new, we will get you updated.

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