See The Jackass 4 Stunt That Put Steve-O In The Hospital

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

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The guys from Jackass have been putting their bodies in harm’s way in the most ridiculous ways for more than two decades now. And it doesn’t look like they have any plans to stop anytime soon. They are currently filming Jackass 4 and ramping up the stakes to even higher and more stupid levels. One of the stunts, proposed by cast member Steve-O, was actually rejected for the film. But the dude went through with it anyway, and it landed him right in the hospital.

This stunt from Steve-O was supposedly rejected from Jackass 4 because it apparently didn’t meet the cleverness expectations of a clearly nuanced group. He went on to describe and show it on his own YouTube channel that has more than 5.5 million subscribers. The details of the stunt are sophomoric, to say the least. Steve-O had a plan to buy a t-shirt gun and fill it with dog poop. And then, they would shoot him in the face with it from close range. Seems logical. You can check out the video below that has some commentary and then the stunt itself. 

Steve-O labeled this stunt as dumb, saying it was stupid, even for him. That is an understatement, to say the least. Jackass 4 director Jeff Tremaine wanted no part of it and you can kind of see why. The whole trick is pretty simple but it ended up landing Steve-O in the hospital. He takes the cannon of dog poop right to the side of his face. But because he doesn’t have any earplugs in, a fair share of the excrement gets lodged in his ear canal. It was at this point that Steve-O thought he had done serious damage to his inner ear. So he does what anyone else would do in this situation: he went and got a haircut and then went to the urgent care. 

Though this stunt didn’t make it into Jackass 4, we are bound to see all levels of hijinks, stupidity, and borderline death-defying feats of sophomoric delight when the flick does finally come out. It is titled Jackass Forever and will have the crew of regulars back in action. That will include leader Johnny Knoxville who helped bring the show to fame all the way back in 2000 on MTV. They started with some home videos of crazy stunts that continued to escalate over time with a mix of body-harming acts of craziness along with a number of pranks. It was an instant hit. 

Now, Jackass 4 will feature Knoxville and Steve-O along with others like Chris Pontius, Jason ”Wee-Man” Acuna, and others. Though apparently, Bam Magera will not be returning.  He was fired after erratic behavior on the set and a falling out with the director Tremain.

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And just in case you thought this was the only time someone was sent to the hospital for a stupid stunt they wanted to pull off in the movie, think again. Knoxville and Steve-O actually both landed there at the beginning of filming back in December of 2020. It was the second day of filming and they were trying to jump on a treadmill that was ratcheted up to full speed. Oh, and they were carrying marching band equipment with them.

Jackass 4 is slated to hit theaters on October 22nd. Hopefully, these guys can stay out of the emergency room long enough to actually see the flick.