Jackass 4 Director Gets Restraining Order On Cast Member

The team behind Jackass 4 has had a rough time lately. Now, the director has had to file a restraining order to protect his family.

By Faith McKay | Published

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If you work on a project for the Jackass franchise, you probably have a sense of humor that isn’t the average person’s. If you’re working on a set known for catapulting human beings inside port-a-potties, your sense of humor is off-color and you’re used to people doing distasteful and uncomfortable things. Inappropriate text messages are probably part of the MTV work environment for the Jackass 4 set. Unfortunately, Bam Magera, a former Jackass star, has crossed so many lines that he’s been removed from the project. And now, he’s forced the director of the project, Jeff Tremaine, to file a restraining order to protect his wife and kids.

After Jackass 4 director, Jeff Tremaine, filed the restraining order, TMZ got their hands on the text messages that prompted the director to do so. They’re definitely troubling. A restraining order was an appropriate next step after receiving these texts. Notably, one said: “Look at your children and grab your pocket book and write a check, if you are greedy, and cheap, look at your children again. If you don‘t sign the paper, look at you children. Sign your stupid f*cking contract before your not safe anywhere.

Bam Magera was fired from Jackass 4, reportedly for erratic behavior. Bam Magera has said that he has bipolar disorder, which would explain his seemingly erratic behavior, but others have said that drug abuse has been part of the problem and the main motivation for cutting him from the project.

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Over the past several months since being fired from Jackass 4, he has posted on Instagram several times discussing the issues, only to later remove the posts. He’s shared things saying that he was fired for being bipolar, that his Jackass family has betrayed him, and asked fans to boycott the film. He has specified that while he is still close with some cast and crew, he feels most betrayed by Jeff Tremaine (who he sent the death threat texts to) and Johnny Knoxville. When he leaves up his Instagram posts, they often sound like vague posts referencing Jackass and being upset about things. Clearly, he’s having a difficult time.

While Bam Magera’s behavior prior to the death threats was understandably a problem, it was still surprising when he was fired from Jackass 4, not just for him. Bam Magera is one of the main draws for the Jackass franchise. That would make him seem untouchable. Also, erratic behavior sounds like part of the Jackass brand. However, other members of the crew have had drug problems in the past.

Before Magera took down the Instagram post where he said that the people he worked with betrayed him, Complex saw Steve-O write a heartfelt comment. He said that Johnny Knoxville and Tremaine had once organized an intervention to save Steve-O’s life. He said that Bam Magera needed to not “get loaded” while filming Jackass 4 and everything would be fine, but because Magera was unable to do that, he had to be cut. That while they all loved Bam Magera as much as they claimed to, keeping him on the project while he was on drugs would enable him to continue that behavior.