See Isla Fisher Hint She May Be A Werewolf In Wolf Like Me Trailer

By Carolyn Jenkins | 9 seconds ago

wolf like me isla fisher

Now more than ever, werewolves are coming out of the woodwork. 2021 brought with it horror-comedy Werewolves Within as well as news that Gael Garcia Bernal would be appearing in Marvel’s Werewolf By Night. Now Peacock has revealed that the streaming network will be home to a werewolf property as well. Possibly. Wolf Like Me stars Isla Fisher and Josh Gad in a limited series.   Judging by the title of the series and the implications in the trailer, lycanthropy is quite possible. 

See Isla Fisher in Wolf Like Me below.

Wolf Like Me is the story of father Gary (Josh Gad) trying to raise his daughter as a single father after the sudden death of his wife. His daughter Emma struggles with panic attacks in the wake of her new reality. This is all thrown into chaos when they get into a car accident with Mary (Isla Fisher). A relationship starts to blossom between Gary and Mary but it soon becomes clear that Mary has a secret. The trailer remains vague on exactly what that secret is. The only tell tale sign is Gary looking through a reinforced door with claw marks on the inside. 

Writer and director of Wolf Like Me, Abe Forsythe, has also made remarks that are somewhat mysterious. In a statement to People, Forsythe detailed what to expect from the Peacock series. “I’d love for audiences to go into watching the series not knowing where it’s going or what gets revealed as the show progresses because I think if that happens, then it’s going to shock and surprise people,” Forsythe explained. Hopefully that means at least one person on the show will be turning into a wolf of some sort. Isla Fisher’s Mary seems like the prime candidate. 

Although Mary appears to be hiding something from Gary, her heart seems to be in the right place. The trailer shows Gary asking what happened to her husband. Perhaps the reason Mary is so cagey was because her husband was related in some sort of werewolf related death. But Mary truly cares about Gary’s daughter, Emma. She commiserates with the girl after the accident, understanding where she is emotionally. This emotional weight is something that Isla Fisher should be used to.

Only a few years ago did Isla Fisher star in the surreal drama Nocturnal Animals. Starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, Fisher portrayed the fictional book version of Adams’ character. This was clever casting as Fisher told People that she used to get mistaken for Adams quite a bit. But not so much now the pandemic is in full affect.

More recently Isla Fisher has been attached to comedic roles. She is known for appearances in Now You See Me and Tag featuring Jeremy Renner. This seems to be where the actress shines the brightest. Her humor is a high point in the Wolf Like Me trailer. With her and Gad leading the series, Wolf Like Me looks to be full of laughs as well as drama. With Sony’s Morbius getting terrible news, viewers can at the very least look forward to a different sort of monster story that won’t get delayed. Peacock will be airing the six episodes at once when it airs later this month, a contrast to shows on Amazon and Disney platforms (via TV Line). Fans can catch the miniseries on Peacock on January 13th.