Disney CEO Battling Marvel’s Kevin Feige To Stop Him From Ruining Iron Man?

By Erika Hanson | 15 seconds ago

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already established itself as the well-oiled machine that redefined the“franchise movie. With a worldwide box office revenue of over $22 billion, the MCU is the highest-grossing franchise in history. But to play on the saying “all good things must come to an end” many Marvel skeptics are claiming that recent changes from MCU head Kevin Fiege are sealing the franchise’s fate to failure. According to the Youtuber Doomcock, Disney’s CEO is currently feuding with Feige, with Iron Man at the heart of the battle.

In the video posted by the YouTuber last week, Doomcock discusses pertinent info he claims to have received from an inside source regarding an ongoing battle between Bob Chapek, current CEO of Disney, and Kevin Fiege, president of Marvel Studios. The argument was reported to have started between the two during a board meeting. Chapek was said to have questioned the Marvel head about replacement plans for Iron Man. When Fiege divulged his plans to adapt the comic, Iron Heart, featuring the young Riri Williams, Chapek was not pleased. Doomcock said, “Chapek expressed skepticism about the move to replace a proven successful character with one that couldn’t even sustain a series past twelve issues”.

Apparently, Chapek was familiar not only with the recent Iron Heart series but also with its flop in success on the shelves. Originally debuting in 2015’s Invincible Iron Man #7, Riri Williams, aka Iron Heart, a 15-year-old genius that creates a suit that could rival Tony Stark’s own designs quickly captured comic readers attention as a brilliant Black girl who eventually would meet Tony Stark, altruistically taking over his superhero role when she received her own series the following year. 

iron heart
Iron Heart

Riri Williams made her debut in 2015’s Invincible Iron Man #7. She quickly captured fans’ hearts in a couple of appearances as a brilliant Black girl and Tony Stark fan who creates her own suit of armor. The two eventually meet and enjoy a mutual respect for one other. But after just getting one comic series run, Marvel announced the series cancellation in December 2019. Marvel never made an official statement as to the reasons for its cancellations, and depending on who you ask, the series was a hit to some and flop to others. But ultimately, it’s important to note that Marvel is known to cancel series on a regular basis, including The Incredible Hulk, which originally got canceled after only six issues.

Moreover, Doomcock claims that Kevin Fiege is ruining Iron Man and the rest of the MCU with a woke agenda, drawing to numerous setbacks surrounding recent films. Eternals debuted with the worst box office opening for an MCU movie in six years. It also became the lowest-rated franchise film on Rotten Tomatoes. Many believe Fiege’s woke agenda, otherwise known as an agenda that is actively attentive to issues of racial and social justice, is to blame for the film’s low ratings. Eternals featured not only the most diverse cast yet but also the franchise’s first same-sex kiss on screen.

But what are the parameters for what makes a movie good or bad? Unfortunately, since much of the esteemed reviews for Eternals have also focused on the movie’s diverse cast and story, the two have intertwined, causing some to blame “wokeness” for the film’s failures. There is no concrete proof that the woke feud between Chapek and Fiege is actually happening, and it’s important to note that Fiege actually spoke fondly of the Disney CEO recently to The Hollywood Reporter. Fans will be able to see Riri as the purported Iron Man replacement when the Iron Heart TV series comes to Disney Plus sometime in late 2022, possibly 2023, and judge for themselves if the studio has ruined the legacy of Iron Man.