Insidious 5 Will Be Directed By And Star Patrick Wilson

By Drew Dietsch | 8 months ago

insidious 5 patrick wilson

Insidious 5 is finally confirmed to be on the way, and it is going to be bringing back none other than former leading man Patrick Wilson. Wilson has not been featured in the past two entries in the franchise (except for a brief cameo in Insidious: The Last Key), but the return of his character Josh Lambert is a big indicator that this entry is going to be heading back to its roots. And another big piece of news regarding Patrick Wilson’s return makes this newest entry even more intriguing.

Patrick Wilson will be making his directorial debut with Insidious 5. The story will pick up ten years after the events of Insidious: Chapter 2. The fifth installment will also see the return of Ty Simpkins as Josh Lambert’s son, Dalton. There has not yet been news if Rose Byrne will be rejoining them as Josh’s wife and Dalton’s mother, Renai. It is also unclear if series mainstay Lin Shaye will be back as Elise Rainier, the psychic character who has been prominently featured in every installment in the franchise up to this point.

insidious patrick wilson

Interestingly, Insidious 5 will be the first film in the series that will likely be a forward continuation of the timeline since Insidious: Chapter 2. The last two entries have been prequels that focused on previous supernatural adventures in the history of Elise Rainier. Considering her fate at the end of the first Insidious, it will be intriguing to see if she shows up in this newest entry at all.

Patrick Wilson taking the helm for Insidious 5 is definitely encouraging. Series co-creator Leigh Whannell actually made his directorial debut with the excellent Insidious: Chapter 3, and that has led to him being one of the most in-demand horror directors in the entire genre. Whannell would go on to make the delightful little sci-fi movie Upgrade, and would end up directing The Invisible Man remake from early this year. That film is arguably the best movie of 2020, so the Insidious franchise has a good track record with new directors.

insidious family

What is going to be fascinating is how Patrick Wilson will decide to continue the story of the Lamberts in Insidious 5. Their troubles were mostly taken care of by the end of Insidious: Chapter 2 and they seem to have been able to move on with their lives. However, with Rose Byrne not yet announced to return as Renai, could there be some division in the family? Has Renai left Josh or could she even have passed away? And are there any lingering effects that Josh has been suffering since his paranormal ordeal?

One of the facets fans will be most interested in is the eventual monster/demon/ghost that acts as the main antagonist in Insidious 5. The series has built itself up around creative and frightening villains like the demonic Man with the Fire in His Face, the Bride in Black, and The Man Who Can’t Breathe. These monsters have all made a lasting impression in their individual movies. With the series becoming so well-known for creating these unique menacing figures, this new sequel will have a lot to live up to when it comes to its malicious character.


It is hopeful that the announcement of Insidious 5 means that the film will be entering into pre-production relatively soon. Scott Teems has written the screenplay and it will be his foray into the franchise. However, he seems to be a valued commodity in the horror field right now. He also has a screenwriting credit on the upcoming Halloween Kills, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Halloween. With Teems and Wilson taking charge, it sounds like the behind-the-camera talent is all going to be top tier.

There is no word on when we can expect Insidious 5 to hit theaters, but with the COVID-19 pandemic making film and television production extra difficult, we might be waiting a while before we get to return to the spooky plight of the Lambert family. We will be keeping our eyes and ears open for any more news about this project. In the meantime, go watch the first Insidious. It’s a great horror film that has spawned a really good franchise. There’s no time like October for something scary!