Indiana Jones Is Returning, See The First Teaser

By Drew Dietsch | 5 months ago

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Indiana Jones has maintained a level of pop culture popularity that many characters can only dream of. Fans have been ceaselessly wondering if the character was ever going to make a big return after the less-than-excellent fourth film entry, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. With lead actor Harrison Ford only getting older, most people expected that the character would return with a much younger actor in the role. But, there might be an opportunity to get the Indiana Jones everyone knows and loves if today’s news is any indication.

Bethesda Game Studios just dropped this teaser and it has Indiana Jones fans going nuts. Check it out right here:

Yes, it looks like Bethesda – the same game studios behind Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – will be joining forces with Lucasfilm Games to bring a big-budget, triple-A video game of Indiana Jones to life. This should be exciting news to any fans of the character and his world. The idea that a definitive video game experience of the famous archeologists sounds like an absolute treat.

Bethesda revealed a little bit more about the Indiana Jones game in a follow-up tweet. You can read that right here:

With this announcement, the immediate question that comes to our minds is whether or not Harrison Ford will end up being a part of this project. For many fans, Ford will always be the definitive version of Indiana Jones. If Bethesda was able to have him on board for a vocal performance, that would go a long way with a lot of fans. In some ways, this could offer Ford a way to give the character a sendoff in a much different fashion than what would be available to him in a feature film.

Of course, this video game could have nothing to do with Harrison Ford and could signal a new direction for the franchise as a whole. Whoever ends up playing Indiana Jones in the video game will be getting compared to Harrison Ford in some way or another. If they do a good job, fans might be more interested in seeing the character continue on in this new video game incarnation instead of seeing whatever Disney decides to do with him in film.

This is certainly an invigorating development for anyone who loves Raiders of the Lost Ark and the many other Indiana Jones adventures. The character actually has a storied history in video games, but none of them have been able to truly capture what it is like to be the adventuring archeologist. If Bethesda is capable of bringing that particular experience to gamers, they could have a gargantuan hit on their hands.

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We will simply have to wait and see what else Bethesda has to reveal about this new Indiana Jones game. Right now, we don’t even have a full title. Once we get that, we bet a lot more puzzle pieces will start falling into place. You can bet we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for more news about this awesome project.