Indiana Jones 5 Reveals First Footage And It’s Looking Awesome

The first footage for Indiana Jones 5 was shown at D23, and fans erupted in cheers from it.

By Mark McKee | Published

Among the properties fans are waiting to get more information about, Indiana Jones 5 seems to be one that gets left behind. When in competition with Disney’s live-action films, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Indiana Jones is one that easily can pass by everyone’s attention. Although it is seeing the return of the franchise lead in Harrison Ford and the lack of a return of series let down Shia LeBeouf, there hasn’t been much information on the newest installment. Not even a title has been revealed for the new film. However, in the D23 halls, the fans were treated to a sizzle reel, with the first footage of the movie being seen exclusively for the fans in attendance. And the response is nothing but positive. 

The newest film is building on a franchise that was dead for decades before a new installment was released in 2008 to mediocre reviews for critics and was panned by fans. A lot of reviews were unhappy with Harrison Ford‘s much older portrayal of the character (which would make sense after a thirty-year absence). And most people were not huge on the character of Mudd (Shia LeBeouf). While many of the movie’s concepts were similar to the predecessors, they didn’t translate as well in a mid-2010s film as they did in the 1980s. The footage from Indiana Jones 5 promises huge set pieces, a lot of action, and the return of Sallah (John Rys-Davies). The response to the footage was that it was beautifully shot and very exciting. 

indiana jones 5 harrison ford

While it is fairly well-known that this will be Harrison Ford‘s final outing as the fedora-clad adventurer, he confirmed that on stage by telling the crowd that he will not fall down for them again. He was joined on stage by writer and co-star Pheobe Waller-Bridge and said he was proud to say she was the reason. He said that the franchise is about mystery and adventure, but they are also about heart, and he claimed she brought a human story that will also “kick your a**.” There are rumors that Bridge will be taking over the franchise in Indiana Jones 5, and one clip from the trailer showed him making the joke that he is her Godfather, adding to the rumor that she will take on the family business. While it was heavily hinted that the plan was the same for LeBeouf, the poor reception seemed to end all those plans. 

Also adding to the cast in Indiana Jones 5 are Mads Mikkelson as the villain, Boyd Holbrook, and Shaunette Renée Wilson. There was a flashback scene of Ford de-aged, Sallah asking for his friend’s help, and Boyd Holbrook firing a huge gun. The trailer looks to promise a return to form for a franchise that hasn’t had success since 1989. Director James Mangold has everything around him to guarantee success, as long as they stay faithful to the source material and upgrade it for the future. The four previous films have landed $2 billion at the box office, and the fifth could increase that by 50%.