See Hunter Schafer React To Questions About The Live-Action Zelda Movie

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

hunter schafer

Fans have been dreaming on a live-action adaptation of Legend of Zelda for years, with the project having been rumored off and on for a while now. And as is often the case with these kinds of things, especially with something as popular as this franchise of games, fans spend some time dreaming up who could take some of the lead roles. In this case, a fan-casting can be as fun as real news, and recently one potential casting made the rounds with Euphoria star Hunter Schafer being thought of as perfect for the role of Princess Zelda. This stemmed from an outfit and style she had worn to a recent event that looked conspicuously like the character. While that was likely a coincidence, it did send fans into something of a tizzy about the possibility. 

And Hunter Schafer was asked about the possibility of playing the role of Princess Zelda in a live-action adaptation. The question definitely caught her off-guard to start though she did seem open to, and maybe even excited by, the prospect of stepping into the franchise. The original question came during a screening of the season finale of Euphoria was part of Entertainment Tonight’s coverage of the event. Check out how Hunter Schafer reacts to getting into some kind of Legend of Zelda role. 

The reason for fan excitement around Hunter Schafer being cast as Zelda came from what the actress wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar party last month. It was the dress and hairstyle that had folks almost instantly comparing Schafer to the Princess Zelda character and it’s easy to see why. Short of the elf-like ears, she was nearly a dead-ringer for the character. The hair especially looked the part. Check out what had fans talking in the first place. 

It’s pretty easy to see where the excitement stems from, no? And based on the reaction from Hunter Schafer, it looks like she’d be down for the part. She lets as much in the brief interview, saying, “I played that video game a bunch when I was a kid.” 

Unfortunately, we are likely a long way off from Hunter Schafer, or really anyone, getting into the Princess Zelda role for a Legend of Zelda live-action adaptation series or movie. There is currently nothing concrete in the works on that front from Nintendo. There had been a reported series in the works with Netflix rumored to be the landing spot for the production. That had gone all the way back to 2015 when The Wall Street Journal reported a leak from a Netflix employee that something was in the works. In the wake of that leak, it seems that Nintendo decided to pull the plug on the project and nothing new has cropped up since. 

As for Hunter Schafer, while it isn’t Legend of Zelda, she does have a movie in the works that’s currently in pre-production. It will be Cuckoo that has her starring alongside Sofia Boutella, Gemma Chan, and John Malkovich. There’s no concrete timeline on when that movie will hit screens.