A Company Wants To Drop Human Organs From Outer Space

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

human organs

When we look to the heavens we expect to see stars and planets, maybe a comet burning across the sky in majestic fashion. Heck, sometimes we gaze up at the infinite unknown hoping to catch a glimpse of even a UFO at some point, a sign that life exists beyond our little blue orb. But when we look up into space, I think the last thing any of us expects to see is a human body part or an internal organ hurtling down at us. But that could be the case if one company has its way in the future. There is a group out there that wants to store human organs up in orbit so they can chuck them down to Earth when the need arises. 

According to Futurism, a company called Inversion Space has a, well, interesting idea about how we can “solve” issues around supply chains and getting critical supplies to remote areas in almost the blink of an eye. The company basically wants to launch products into space (human organs included) in neatly transportable pods and have them exist in orbit until the need arises. Then, when the call comes in, the company would be able to deliver these items to any place on Earth in almost no time at all. 

They have a wide focus right now on the kind of supplies that would be delivered, but a core part of their plan is to focus on health and medical treatment. This would mean having human organs available if a transplant is needed or the ability to deliver entire hospital and medical units to remote places if need be. It’s a bold idea though when stepping back, it’s easy to see considerable practicality to the venture. 

This plan from Inversion Space is built on the idea of the capsules they plan to launch into orbit sometime around 2025. The company has secured $10 million dollars in seed funding to start the production and have begun the process of putting their plan into reality. According to the company’s mission statement, Inversion Space wants to “Build the first high cadence return vehicle for the commercial and defense industries”. What isn’t mentioned there, but was in a New York Times piece about the company, is that they are looking to eventually store artificial human organs in space in order to deliver them down in the capsules. This would require other advancements in technology which is why the company isn’t limiting its scope to just these lines, but it is all part of the same plan. 

Though while the human organ piece seems to be some of what Inversion Space plans as part of their larger delivery concept, that is likely only one small component of what they are envisioning here. If they are able to scale a project that stores capsules of goods in orbit with the ability to deliver to any spot on the globe, the possibilities are nearly limitless around how this could be employed. Medical supplies sure, but there would seem to be a reason “defense” is mentioned in their mission as well. Protective services for people, organizations, or countries could also become important in what they are trying to do. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.