Fan-Favorite Hulk Villain Revealed In New Marvel Project?

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago


In the Marvel comics, Bruce Banner is a rich character with his own villains, side players, and stories. In the comics, he’s the main character in his tales. While we had a 2008 solo movie for Hulk starring Edward Norton, we haven’t fully explored the life of Bruce Banner in the same way since Mark Ruffalo took over the role. Yes, he’s a favorite with fans. Audiences love the actor. But when pressed to name a Hulk villain, most audience members would be stuck. When you compare this with a character with Spider-Man, it really shows how much room there is to grow Bruce Banner on screen yet. Now, according to sources for We Got This Covered, that is all about to change.

What they’re hearing is pretty simple, and yet exciting if you’re a Hulk fan. They hear that in an upcoming Hulk project, Thaddeus Ross will be turning into Red Hulk and fighting Bruce Banner. They don’t know what project this will happen in, but they expect we’ll be seeing the infamous Hulk villain happen sometime soon.

Audiences familiar with Red Hulk know that he is Thaddeus Ross and have been watching and waiting for this transformation for so long that many suspected it would never happen. See, we first saw Thaddeus Ross in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008 in The Incredible Hulk, when William Hurt played General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. Since then, he’s played the character in The Incredible Hulk video game, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and is set to be seen in Black Widow when it releases. His character is now Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross, but has never been introduced as Red Hulk or a Hulk villain. At least, not yet.

Red Hulk Villain

We Got This Covered wasn’t sure when we might see Red Hulk appear or when we might see him fight Bruce Banner. So, they aren’t sure then if that will even happen in the same project. We could see Thaddeus Ross transform in Black Widow, where he’ll be appearing, and then fighting Bruce Banner in an episode of the upcoming She-Hulk project on Disney+. What they do expect is that William Hurt’s character will be appearing in the Thunderbolts project, since Red Hulk is often the leader of the group.

At this point, all that we know is rumor. The outlet has heard from their sources that William Hurt’s character will be turning into Red Hulk soon and further developed. However, what’s most exciting here is that this rumor points out how much more room there is to develop more Hulk content from the Marvel comics, and how She-Hulk may be bringing this into development. Is it possible that this may mean we see more Hulk villains from the comics appearing in She-Hulk? Could that mean we see more of these characters appearing in the movies as well?

Mark Ruffalo has been a staple in the Avengers for a long time. His fanbase has often talked about how he feels like a forgotten character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Possibly, this rumor combined with She-Hulk will mean more development for Bruce Banner in the movies.