If Hugh Jackman Returns As Wolverine, He’ll Team Up With Another Huge Marvel Hero

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

hugh jackman wolverine

Hugh Jackman could play 150 consecutive different comic book characters in a row, take all different kinds of roles and he’d still just be Wolverine to me. After all, this is what happens when you really launch an acting career with a character that would go on to help define the comic book movie landscape for years to come. That’s exactly what Jackman did as Logan/ Wolverine through six movies. And he got what most characters don’t get, a near-perfect ending when it was all said and done. But these are comic book movies we are talking about and endings are impermanent. The latest Geekosity rumors kicking around are that Jackman could return as the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it’s long been thought that Logan would be his last appearance as the character, we could see that change. 

Logan being the end makes a lot of sense considering it was a nearly perfect movie ending for the character. And also, something that often makes it difficult to return as a character, Logan died. But Hugh Jackman is being considered to come back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the actor isn’t dismissing it out of hand. There are a couple of considerations he’s weighing right now. The first, obviously, is money. But the second, according to the rumor is that he needs the right script and the right movie. This isn’t going to be a willy-nilly decision from Jackman especially considering how good James Mangold’s script was for Logan. With this in mind, a couple of movies do stand out for Jackman to return to the character

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The first film that’s being rumored is Deadpool 4. There probably isn’t time for him to get in on the action for Deadpool 3 so that one needs to be taken out of the mix. But there are a lot of reasons Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine for the Deadpool franchise would make a lot of sense. The first is that Wolverine and Deadpool have quite a bit of crossover in the comic books Their stories are similarly aligned with both being mutants and members (or partners) of the X-Men at various times. Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson/ Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine though that is a different *character* than the one we see now. 

It more speaks to how these two are obviously intrinsically connected. Additionally, the violence and overall tone of the previous Deadpool movies look like they will carry over for future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What perfect way to bring Logan back into the fold than in an R-Rated fight and joke fest? His character was always butting up against that tone in previous films, so this would be perfect. 

The other consideration for Hugh Jackman returning is more of a logistical choice and that would be for Secret Wars. This film hasn’t been formally announced but could be a culmination of a phase for Marvel and would follow the story from the upcoming Secret Invasion Disney+ series. This story is about the Kree takeover of Earth and how they work to impersonate a number of high-level officials as well as superheroes. Logistically speaking, this works because it wouldn’t have to be the real Logan in the part, but rather an imposter. There’s some chance this timeline would come before the events of Logan as well which does happen off in the future. 

Whatever comes of it, it’s exciting to think about Hugh Jackman reentering the adamantium claws and wing-tip hairdo of Wolverine. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is so large that there would almost have to be ways to make it happen that satisfy all of the actor’s concerns. Time will tell of course, but if we are talking about it, I think we could see it happening.