Hugh Jackman Receives Huge Honor For His New Film

Hugh Jackman was given a 10-minute standing ovation for his new The Son, at the Venice Film Festival.

By James Brizuela | Published

The Venice Film Festival is currently going on and has brought forth many of the highest levels of actors under one roof to celebrate the new Oscar-worthy films they are currently in. Many actors and directors have been treated to heartwarming standing ovations, including one that saw Brendan Fraser praised for six minutes straight for his performance in The Whale. The same has now happened for Hugh Jackman, as he and his co-star Laura Dern, were met with the huge honor of a 10-minute long standing ovation. They are both in the new film, The Son, which left the audience members at the film festival reeling.

The Son is written and directed by Florian Zeller. The film also acts as a prequel film to her last, The Father, which starred Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins would go on to win a Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in the film. Although he is not a major part of the plot of the new film, he does appear in a spirited cameo. The Father revolves around Hopkins’s character, Anthony. Anthony’s son is Peter (Hugh Jackman), which The Son revolves around. It is quite interesting that Zeller decided to write the two films in this manner, as they are interconnected, but not directly related, in a sense. We are likely to know more about the relationship between Peter and Anthony once The Son releases in theaters this fall.


The Son follows Peter as he takes in his teenage son, Nicholas. Nicholas no longer wishes to live with his mother, Kate, so he goes to stay with Peter and his new bride Beth. Now, Peter must juggle a new wife, a new baby, and his teenage son. The film is said to be quite emotional, and the crowd gasped during one of the more emotional scenes of the film when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Hugh Jackman is Peter, Laura Dern is Kate, Vanessa Kirby is Beth, and Zen McGrath is Nicholas. Jackman was even seen hugging McGrath during the 10-minute standing ovation that was given to the actors and Zeller after the film had concluded.

It may be too early to tell, but Hugh Jackman could land himself a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for the film. He would then follow Anthony Hopkins and give a huge honor to Florian Zeller as he would have back-to-back Oscar-winning films. The Father would go on to net a staggering six Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Picture. Considering the ovation for the film, Zeller might be in line for another Oscar-nominated film.

The Son officially debuted at the Venice Film Festival and was met with a huge honor. Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, and the rest of the cast were gifted with a 10-minute standing ovation. We cannot wait to see this film, which is going to officially debut in select theaters on November 11th. It will debut in New York and Los Angeles and is likely to spread through the rest of the United States, given its response.