Hugh Jackman Cast In New Animated Series For Hulu

Hugh Jackman is scaling things back to the small screen, as it has been reported that he has been cast in a main role for a new animated series on Hulu.

By James Brizuela | Published

hugh Jackman

While droves of fans continue to lobby for Hugh Jackman to return as Wolverine in the MCU, the Australian actor is moving on to other ventures. He is currently starring on Broadway in the man role for the stageplay, The Music Man. However, that is not stopping the actor from continuing in other mediums as well. It has been announced that the famed actor is going to be taking his talents to the small screen. Jackman has been cast in the new animated series Koala Man on Hulu. He is said to be portraying a character known as Big Greg.

Quite honestly, getting Hugh Jackman on board with an animated series is massive. The man has been one of the top actors in the world for quite some time. Jackman joins creator of the series, Michael Cusack, who is also the voice of the main character, Kevin. Kevin is a superhero named Koala Man, who patrols the streets of Dapto, Australia. He also has a secret identity that is not so secret. The character seems to have delusions of grandeur when it comes to stopping crime and super villains, as there aren’t many to be stopped. However, anyone who happens to forget to take their trash out on the correct day is in for trouble from the superhero. Jackman is stepping in the role of Big Greg, the most beloved man in Dapto. He was made famous from the third best fishing show shown in Dapto, but he now serves on the Town Council.

Koala Man has been created by Michael Cusack, who also serves as the voice of the main character. More impressive is that the series is being executive produced by Rick and Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland. Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit are also executive producers who wrote the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu film. The series is being put together by 20th Television Animation for Hulu. This is not a bad team, and likely a huge reason why Hugh Jackman decided to jump on board. That, and it is about Australian life. Well, it’s based in Australia. We are not sure if there is a Koala Man roaming the streets in real life. That would be odd.

There is no release date currently for Koala Man, but it sounds as if the casting announcements are going to start rolling in. Hugh Jackman and Michael Cusack are the two main cast so far, but we are likely to get more news in the coming weeks about who else is set to be added. Considering there are two Aussies added already, someone might want to call Nicole Kidman.

Hugh Jackman has a busy schedule ahead of him which includes a rumor starring role in the biopic about Robert Ames. Ames was a CIA operative that was in Beirut when a bomb went off at the American Embassy. Jackman is also set to star as Paul in the Apostle Paul film, which is certainly about the bible character. It’s good that the man is also going to have the time to appear in Koala Man. That is now what we are most excited about.