See Hugh Jackman Sing An Adorable Tribute To Adventure Time

By Tyler Pisapia | 3 weeks ago

hugh jackman

After a lengthy career in musical theater as well as with films like The Greatest Showman, who would have thought that Hugh Jackman’s most notorious toe-tapper would be a six-second cover of a silly song from the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time? The offbeat children’s show made quite the name for itself in its eight years on the air. It has a host of improbable, die hard fans, including one Mr. Hugh Jackman, who recently took to Instagram to share that he’s not just a cursory fan of the show, but one capable of making a deep-cut reference like a cover of Bacon Pancakes.

See Hugh Jackman’s video below.

Over the weekend, Hugh Jackman shared a video of himself on Instagram inside what appears to be a completely empty stadium. He’s sporting a black hoodie with an Adventure Time t-shirt underneath that shows Jake the dog laying next to a tasty-looking stack of bacon pancakes. The brief clip sees the X-Men star getting very silly and singing some of the lyrics to the song, much to the delight of both his fans and Adventure Time aficionados far and wide. After all, one has to imagine that the Venn diagram of Hugh Jackman fans and quirky Adventure Time fans has quite the overlap. 

For those unfamiliar with the show, CBR notes that Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward, was originally pitched as a Nickelodeon short before Cartoon Network came along and bet big on it for a series. Thanks to its bizarre but often wholesome humor, the show caught on with both adults and kids (and people somewhere in the middle like Hugh Jackman). It ran for eight years and an impressive 283 episodes before finally taking its bow in 2018. In one episode titled Burning Low, Jake the Dog is alone in his home frying up some bacon and idly singing the song Bacon Pancakes, which was one of those ineffable earworms that caught on with fans and formed a life and fandom of its own — frankly, while we’re talking about it, if you haven’t tried bacon pancakes in real life, do yourself a favor sooner rather than later.

As fans of the series know, 2018 felt like the end of an era, but the adventure continued. ComicBook notes that in 2020 a series of hour-long spin-off specials called Adventure Time: Distant Lands came out just in time to make the pandemic a little bit brighter for all of us stuck inside. It followed the continued adventures of characters like BMO, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Peppermint Butler and, of course, Finn and Jake themselves. However, fans of the franchise, and apparently Hugh Jackman, can look forward to even more coming from the world of Adventure Time when the spinoff series Adventure Time: Fiona and Cake drops on HBO Max. 

In August, Variety reported that HBO Max had picked up the series for 10 episodes. As the name suggests, the show will focus on the continued adventures of Fiona and Cake as they traverse the multiverse, which is kind of a trend in nerdom right now. The only question now is whether or not Hugh Jackman will be offered a cameo.