Hugh Grant Starring In Movie About British Royal And Jeffrey Epstein?

Hugh Grant just left as Zeus in the series Kaos, but that could be because the man is going to take on the role of a disgraced memeber of the Royal Family.

By James Brizuela | Published

hugh grant

Hugh Grant was recently replaced as Zeus in the series, Kaos. He was letting the role go to scheduling conflicts, which led to Jeff Goldblum taking over. One of those scheduling conflicts could be the newest film that Grant has been attached to. The wild story and subsequent BBC interview about Prince Andrew being friends with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is now going to be turned into a film called Scoop. Grant has been attached to the project and could be portraying the now disgraced royal member, Prince Andrew.

Hugh Grant is being attached to Scoop as a potential actor to portray Prince Andrew, though nothing has been confirmed just yet. Right now, Deadline has reported that Grant is at the top of the list as an unconfirmed actor that the film will be pursuing for the main role. There is no telling what the royal family is going to think about this film being made, especially Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The infamous interview went so badly for Prince Andrew, that he became banished from his royal duties. Also, he was absent from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration that recently took place.

Peter Moffat is being tasked with writing the script, and he comes from the acclaimed series, Your Honor. He is writing the script for The Lighthouse Film & Television, which is a production company that was started two years ago by Hilary Salmon. There is no one yet attached to direct the film, and no casting, but the story and pitch were enough to get the green light on the film. The premise of the interview is what Moffat is banking on. Scoop will be surrounded around how BBC Newsnight got the scoop that Prince Andrew was connected to Jeffrey Epstein, then the questions about why he decided to even go through with such a disastrous interview. Hugh Grant is certainly a man that can portray Prince Andrew in his worst moments.

Salmon and Moffat have previously worked together on UndercoverSilk, Criminal Justice, and 61st Street, which is an AMC show that just completed its second season. It has been stated that parts of the actual interview are going to be used in Scoop, though none of the real footage is going to be used in the film. This film is also based on the book by Sam McAlister called Scoops: Behind the Scenes of the BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews. Sam served as a producer for Newsnight, leading to her writing the book. Salmon immediately optioned the book to be used in the creation of the script for the film. Both Moffat and Salmon have stated they are actively seeking Hugh Grant for the main role.

Although Hugh Grant has not been formally attached to Scoop, we can assume that he will take the part. The man is known to scoff at British royalty any chance he gets. He recently pulled off the prank of the century, as he was able to get the theme from Benny Hill played during the resignation of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We can’t wait to see if he is confirmed for this role.