House Of The Dragon Sets An Unbelievable HBO Record

House of the Dragon has now premiered, bringing the world back to the land of Westeros, and the new series has set an unbelievable HBO record.

By James Brizuela | Published

house of the dragon

House of the Dragon has officially premiered, welcoming and back to the land of Westeros. This new prequel series is based on plenty of lore within the world of Game of Thrones, as it specifically talks about the rise and fall of House Targaryen. Fans might recognize that name as carried by the original show’s fan-favorite character, Daenerys Targaryen. This new prequel series is meant to show everything about her ancestors and has reportedly brought in far more dragons. Even though the final season of Game of Thrones was mostly hated, people were excited to see this new prequel. It pulled in 10 million people, making it the biggest HBO and HBO Max premiere.

Those are some astounding numbers, especially considering how many people spoke negatively about Game of Thrones when it had finally ended. However, that is in the past, and people are wanting to give House of the Dragon more of a chance to impress them. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. House of the Dragon is also not going to be bogged down by writers wanting to do things their way and veer off from source material. George R. R. Martin had not finished his books by the time Game of Thrones wrapped up, so it’s not necessarily his fault. Still, Game of Thrones could have ended so much better. The series had been going strong for so long. Now, it seems as if this new prequel series is taking off the right way.

House of the Dragon specifically follows House Targaryen as the family within the house squabble about who should take the Iron Throne. Sound familiar? Well, this is all about the Targaryen’s power control amongst one another. This ultimately leads to the Dance of the Dragons, which is a vicious civil war that essentially brings about the end of the age of dragons. Game of Thrones only introduced a few dragons, which were controlled by Daenerys. Well, that was until the Night King killed one and turned it into a zombie ice dragon. Dance of the Dragons is enacted by the many members of House Targaryen that control a dragon. Essentially, it’s a huge battle with dragons, which we can’t wait to see. There are some 22 new dragons that are a part of the new prequel series.

The official Nielsen ratings for the show won’t be out until later today, but pulling in 10 million households is nothing to scoff at. Even with how massively popular Games of Thrones was and Euphoria currently is, that is quite a record. House of the Dragon might be the next big thing for HBO. The network does need some good news after Warner Bros. Discovery has been making a mess of HBO Max lately.

House of the Dragon is currently streaming on HBO and HBO Max. New episodes will come out every Sunday on the network and app. This first season will contain 10 episodes, much like the same format that Game of Thrones had. That means we are going to be getting a hugely important episode when #9 rolls around. Fans can catch the premiere right now and see why it is the highest viewed premiere in history.