House Of The Dragon Fans Have Noticed Something About Matt Smith

House of the Dragon fans are wondering why Matt Smith has fewer and fewer lines every episode.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Since premiering in late August, HBO’s House of the Dragon has kept fans talking and theorizing about its plot, characters, and even actors. Most recently, fans have called into question why it would seem as though leading actor Matt Smith who plays Daemon Targaryen has fewer and fewer lines as the episodes go on. Taking to Twitter to share their upset, Smith stans everywhere are calling out the production for not giving the actor his fair due. 

One user commented on Matt Smith’s undeniable ability to steal each and every scene that he’s in whether he has speaking parts or not. In the tweet, which you can see above, the user wrote that they can “only focus on him” regardless of how many lines Smith’s character has. Throwing some comedy into the latest House of the Dragon controversy, another tweet, which you can see below, cheekily shares two blank pieces of paper with the caption “matt smith receiving his lines for house of the dragon” above it. 

While many were hesitant to see how the Game of Thrones prequel series would hold up, it’s clear that House of the Dragon is here to stay. Like Matt Smith, many of the other leading cast members – and even those in the ensemble – are garnering massive amounts of praise for their performances. Included in that lineup are Milly Alcock, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, Paddy Considine, Emily Carey, Rhys Ifans, Eve Best, John MacMillan, and Bethany Antonia. 

But even with all the praise, that’s not to say that House of the Dragon hasn’t received some pushback from its viewers. Take the September episode in which the editing team forgot to CGI a mangled finger onto King Viserys (Paddy Considine). There was also the recent complaint about the show being shot too dark – something that landed Game of Thrones in hot water from time to time as well. 

house of the dragon matt smith

Regardless of the hangups, fans are still coming back week after week to see the next telling in the story of House Targaryen. In fact, House of the Dragon has done incredibly well with viewership, breaking several records along the way. This further goes to prove that Game of Thrones fans were itching to hear more stories from the world of Westeros, even if the characters weren’t featured in the original series. 

Outside the House of the Dragon universe, Matt Smith has appeared in a slew of projects from Morbius to The Crown and Last Night in Soho. With a following as big as his, it’s no wonder that the Smith Squad is coming out in droves to support the actor in receiving more lines. It would seem as though despite his character’s creepy, incestuous, and manipulative ways, fans have still fallen in love with the man behind it all. 

New episodes of House of the Dragon hit HBO every Sunday night and you can catch up on the first season via HBO Max right now. Maybe through watching you too will understand what all the love for Matt Smith’s performance is about and will find yourself signing up for your own Smith stan account on Twitter.