A Major Movie Sequel Just Missed Its Release Date And Fans Are Furious

By Faith McKay | 13 seconds ago

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It isn’t entirely clear who audiences should be mad at right now about the latest movie delay, but after a lot of poor communication, it seems like Sony Pictures may be to blame for the disappointment of children around the world. Hotel Transylvania 4 was supposed to release in movie theaters several times over the past years. Eventually, Sony Pictures threw their hands up. In August 2021, they sold the final installment of their franchise to Amazon. This seemed like a great idea at the time. Audiences could now stream the sequel at home. Most of the devoted audience base are children. When Amazon Studios appeared to keep their original release date of October 1, 2021, parents were pleased. Hotel Transylvania 4 was finally going to release. Sleepover parties were scheduled. The parents had everything ready to go. And then…

The movie did not appear on Amazon. The streaming service did not update anyone on what was happening, the movie just wasn’t there. And then, when customer service was contacted, things got far worse for those waiting for Hotel Transylvania 4. After one parent tweeted their distress, the Amazon Help twitter account replied with a tweet that has gotten a lot of attention. Take a look.

Now, it’s unclear what Cherron meant exactly in their Amazon Help Twitter reply. However, their wording–Hotel Transylvania 4 did not get “released” by the “studio” led many users to believe that Cherron is saying Sony Pictures failed to send Amazon the movie they paid for. Amazon has not addressed this or explained it. Neither has Sony Pictures. This could very well mean that Amazon themselves are the “studio” and that they failed to stream it. That’s not what Twitter users decided it meant though. Parents waiting for Hotel Transylvania 4 didn’t have any answers for their children as to why the movie wasn’t streaming on Prime already. The only answer they had was this tweet, which gave them Sony Pictures to blame for this failure. And blame them they have.

Is this parent claiming that their kids decided to riot? That when Hotel Transylvania 4 didn’t release, their children took social cues from sports fans who light cars on fire, weaponized themselves, and broke the fixtures in the bathrooms? Sounds about right.

In good news, Giant Freakin’ Robot actually does have an update on the status of Hotel Transylvania 4. In bad news, it did not release on October 1, 2021 and isn’t going to release in October at all. That doesn’t make a lot of sense from a marketing standpoint. The movie has a decidedly spooky bent and an October release would make sense, but that’s just not happening.

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Instead, Amazon has released a press release announcing a new release date for the movie. Of note, the press release did not explain what happened with the original release date, or even address that it ever had another one. It only says when parents can now expect to see the movie release on streaming. Hotel Transylvania 4 will release on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, January 14, 2022.