Hit Netflix Anime Series Coming To An End?

By Renee Hansen | Published

Netflix jojo's bizarre adventure

Netflix released the final installment of episodes for the anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean on December 1, 2022. This leads to the question of the future of the series. Screen Rant reports that the conclusion of Stone Ocean ends this story and could be the end of the series. 

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a wildly popular anime series currently airing on Netflix. Created by the animation studio David Production, the series is at its peak, so would this be a good move to end the story with part 6? 

The universe of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure features real-world elements with supernatural forces and beings added to the mix. The Joestar family discovers they are destined to use the intense psychic powers they each possess to take down the focus of evil in their supernatural enemies.

Part six of the series known as Stone Ocean had the most significant number of manga chapters, 158, which could have seen more than the 38 episodes in this installment. Netflix released part 6 in three volumes, the first consisting of 12 episodes and the final two with 13 each, confirming the 38 episodes would conclude this story. 

jojo's bizarre adventure

The series is at an exciting point in its storyline as Stone Ocean does complete the story told throughout parts 1-6. The two remaining parts of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, parts 7 and 8, titled Steel Ball Run and Jojolion, begin another much more significant story in a rebooted world and have little to do with the first storyline. 

In a translated interview with Fukabolix, a Netflix anime Japanese language podcast, Kenichi Suzuki, director of  Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, was questioned about whether or not he has been surprised to see the anime extend this long. He would answer that the creators discussed extending the series to part 6, depending on the popularity. 

Actor Fairouz Ai, who voices Jolyne in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, was also present in the interview and mirrored Suzuki’s thoughts stating that ending at this point is probably best since Stone Ocean concludes this portion of the story. 

So, does this mean it was always intended to end Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with part 6 and leave 7 and 8 out of this series? Both Steel Ball Run and Jojolion begin another chapter, but these two segments are also geared towards the seinen, or adult men demographic, whereas parts 1-6 appeal to the shonen, or young teens and boys. This information would make it seem that ending with part 6 is smart. 

Throughout its 35-year history, this is the first time Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has been translated into English. The series is at its height, but perhaps it is time for a break in the story. This project has been the studio’s focus for 10 years, and it may be time to concentrate on something new. 

There have been no official announcements indicating that part 6 will be the end of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but even if things did progress for parts 7 and 8 of the anime series, it would be some time before any new episodes will be released.