Henry Golding To Lead New Series Based on Dean Koontz’s Best-Selling Thrillers

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

henry golding snake eyes

Henry Golding exploded onto screens and popularity with his starring role in Crazy Rich Asians. His ability to captivate audiences with charm as well as perform in action roles led to much more expanded roles since 2018. He followed that up with his role in The Gentleman, as Dry Eye. Golding was also given the starring role in the G.I. Joe spin-off film, Snake Eyes. He is now going to remain in the action genre, as he is slated to star in Nameless, based on Dean Koontz’s 12-part novella series.

Nameless follows a man (Henry Golding) that is, well, nameless, and he doesn’t remember who or what he is based on the fact that he has a severe case of amnesia. Nameless travels America in search of completing his mission but meets people that prey on weaker individuals and he enacts his own version of justice upon them. In typical mysterious stranger fashion, the past begins to catch up with him as bits and pieces of his memory start to return. Henry Golding stated in an interview that “I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of telling a mystery thriller in an episodic format.”

In regards to the thriller genre and his love for the Nameless series, Henry Golding said, “to work with the master of suspense thrillers – Dean Koontz’s Nameless is beyond my expectations.” That same level of excitement has been shared by Koontz, who stated, “Mr. Golding will be perfect and unforgettable as Nameless.” Some of Koontz’s books that have turned into films include Hideaway (1995), Phantoms (1998, and Odd Thomas (2013). Odd Thomas is also a book series that was turned into a film.

henry golding g.i. joe snake eyes

Nameless sounds like an exciting series that follows the formula of the Bourne series with the protagonist being stuck in a revolving door of remembrance and revenge. And casting Henry Golding to play the titular role is smart. He provides the type of character that can be directed and further explored episodically.

SK Global is partnered with Henry Golding on this upcoming series. They won the bid and are the producing company behind Crazy Rich Asians. Golding is set to appear in several upcoming projects including Persuasion, which will premiere on Netflix. It is based on a novel by Jane Austen. Seems Golding is doing his best to be a part of novel adaptations. The thriller genre is also one of deep note for the actor, as he is set to appear in Assassin’s Club. This new Henry Golding series is part of a first-look multi-year deal that had been signed for Golding’s production company Longhouse Productions in partnership with SK Global. It looks as though the pair plan to take the silver screen by storm.

There is no report yet on where this Henry Golding series will end up, but with a major star in tow, it’s likely to create significant interest. And will plenty of source material, there will be no shortage of stories to mine. We’ll have more updates on Nameless as they come out.