See Henry Cavill With His Sword At The Ready In The Witcher Season 2 First Look

By Charlene Badasie | 1 month ago

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Netflix has released a new image from the second season of The Witcher. The photo gives fans a look at a snow-covered Henry Cavill preparing for a fight as Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher, which is based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, was a massive hit when it premiered on Netflix in 2019. The Witcher short stories and novels have previously been adapted into a film, TV series, video games, and graphic novels in Poland.

You can see Henry Cavill in the season two photo from Empire below.

henry cavill
Henry Cavill in The Witcher Season 2

Described as an epic tale of fate and family, the series was praised for its action sequences, world-building, and the stellar casting of Henry Cavill as stoic series lead Geralt. The actor’s impressive physicality elevated many of the fight sequences to new heights. And judging from the trailer and the new image, season two will give fans a lot more of those scenes featuring Geralt.

However, filming such intense scenes doesn’t come without a few setbacks. The actor, who does all his own stunts on The Witcher, sustained an injury while filming the show’s second season. The unfortunate hamstring tear forced him to take a break from filming to focus on his recovery. In a recent interview with GQ, Henry Cavill detailed his injury which according to his doctor, could have been a lot worse. “My physiotherapist told me that if the tear was any more severe, it would have been a rupture,” he told the publication. “That means that the tendon and the muscle leave the bone, which would be really rather nasty.”

Interestingly, the Justice League star was able to see the positive side of being injured. He said he took it as a sign to give himself a long-needed break. Henry Cavill was already working long strenuous hours that exhausted him, so when the time came where he was forced to be still, he took advantage and focused on relaxing and healing. Despite the injury, the second season of The Witcher will be on its way very soon.

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The first season ended with Geralt and Ciri (Freya Allen) discovering that they are linked by destiny. In season two, the story is said to begin with Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) taking Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows, his childhood home of Kaer Morhen, where he will strive to protect Ciri from the mysterious power she possesses inside while the Continent’s kings, elves, humans, and demons strive for supremacy outside the walls of the castle, located within the Kingdom of Kaedwen.

Henry Cavill has a few other new projects in the works too, including a Highlander reboot. He is also working with Matthew Vaughn on a new spy movie called Argylle. He will also be reprising his role as Sherlock Holmes for the Enola Holmes sequel. The second season of The Witcher premieres on Netflix on December 17th.

Meanwhile, Netflix is also developing The Witcher: Blood Origin, a six-part prequel series set 1200 years before Geralt walked the lands of the Northern Kingdoms. They’ve already released The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, an anime feature film centered around Vesemir, Geralt’s close friend and mentor, who will be introduced in live-action in season two.