Henry Cavill Injured Filming The Witcher Season 2

By Drew Dietsch | 5 months ago

henry cavill witcher

Henry Cavill has injured himself during production on the second season of Netflix’s extremely popular fantasy series The Witcher. The Sun made the initial report about the injury and how it is affecting the schedule for the show’s production. Everything had to shut down for a while and it was worrisome how this might end up causing serious problems for the show.

However, Deadline reports that production is back underway and Henry Cavill is recuperating and healing from his injury. Apparently, the show’s star hurt his leg during an assault course in which he was working at a height of twenty feet while also wearing a safety harness. His injury is being described as a “minor leg muscle injury” but there are no other clarifications at this time.

This injury involving Henry Cavill’s leg is not the first catalyst that has befallen The Witcher Season 2. The show had to shut down production earlier this year in March when actor Kristofer Hivju was positively diagnosed with the coronavirus. The United Kingdom went into lockdown after that. Then, multiple positive COVID-19 tests popped up when the production was back up and rolling in November. This show just can’t seem to catch a break.

henry cavill witcher

Now, Henry Cavill’s injury putting him out of commission for an unknown amount of time is only going to prolong the production of The Witch Season 2. The show is about to go on its scheduled holiday hiatus, so the hope is that Henry Cavill will be all healed up by the time the cast and crew come back from the holiday break. No matter what, it is likely that this is only going to push the arrival of The Witcher Season 2 a little further down the line.

Fans have been exceptionally happy with Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt, one of the magical protagonists of The Witcher. His depiction has been warmly accepted as a great interpretation of the character from the original source material. Cavill has also been cited as a legitimate fan of the character and personally pushed to play the part. His dedication to the role is one of the reasons why the fandom has been so supportive of his take on the character. Hopefully, this injury won’t keep him on the sidelines for too long.

We know that Netflix is all-in when it comes to The Witcher brand. There are other shows planned for the series and it would not be surprising to see Henry Cavill be involved with some potential spinoffs. He seems very involved with the show and as we’ve said, fans can’t seem to get enough of him as Geralt. Exactly when we can expect some of these spinoff shows is still a little up in the air.

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It sounds like Henry Cavill should be alright after some minor care for his leg injury. We here at Giant Freakin Robot wish him a speedy recovery and hope all is well. In the meantime, maybe we need to do a binge-watch of The Witcher Season 1 to pass the time?