Henry Cavill’s The Witcher Injury Is Worse Than We Knew

By Apeksha Bagchi | 5 seconds ago

henry cavill the witcher

In the last decade, Henry Cavill has beefed up his resume with such epic action-packed roles that he is currently the leading choice to be the next James Bond. But his current reputation comes with its own share of perils such as the high probability of suffering debilitating injuries while shooting action scenes. And Cavill, unfortunately, experienced one while filming The Witcher Season 2 last year in December 2020. Though at the time, it was reported that it was just a minor leg muscle injury, the actor has revealed that the injury was so bad that he feared it would spell the end of his action career. 

Recently, Henry Cavill and The Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich sat down for a chat with The Hollywood Reporter and the conversation soon veered towards the upcoming Season 2 of the Netflix series. Last year in December, it was reported that even though Cavill, who plays Geralt of Rivia in the fantasy-drama series, had suffered a leg injury on the set, he continued shooting the show. Initially, it was claimed that the injury was very minor but the Man of Steel actor has revealed that he had torn his hamstring and the tear was “very, very bad.”

Hissrich detailed that the scene included Henry Cavill running through the woods. But suddenly, while the scene was still being filmed, Cavill stopped. He soon returned to his trailer, followed by Hissrich who discovered that the actor was in a “great amount of pain.” While a torn hamstring isn’t normally a very severe injury, Cavill was lucky enough that “it wasn’t a complete detachment of the hamstring.” Also, regardless of the extent of the injury, rest and controlled physical exercise are still needed for recovery. But even though the production schedule of The Witcher was shuffled and the filming of Cavill’s action scenes was postponed, he still had other scenes to shoot. 

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Despite being in immense pain, Henry Cavill followed a tough schedule where he did physical therapy early in the morning so that he could make it to The Witcher’s sets by 7 a.m. and ensure that its production wasn’t hampered. But at the same time, he was very scared that if he continued to overexert himself, he may end up aggravating his injury and unwittingly harm his career as an action star.

“The difficulty was working while I was injured,” Henry Cavill shared “Because I wanted to do more for the production — I know how important it was for them to get stuff done. So it was having to find that balance between, ‘Yes, let’s push, push, push,’ and, ‘Whoa, hold on, if I tear this further, it’s the end of my action career.’ That was my worst moment of the past year — professionally.”

It is widely known that Henry Cavill harbors the same level of supreme dedication for every character he plays. Remember the tough workout schedule the fitness buff went through to get ripped for his role as Superman/Clark Kent in 2013’s DC film, Man of Steel? And seeing that he has maintained his impressive physique and kept up his praise-worthy commitment for every project he is associated with, it is not surprising to know that the actor continued shooting The Witcher Season 2 despite suffering from a fairly serious injury. 

Henry Cavill will return as the famed monster-hunter Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Season 2 which is all set to be released on Netflix on December 17, 2021.