See Henry Cavill As The Highlander In An Awesome Trailer

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

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The Highlander reboot starring Henry Cavill was announced less than a week ago, and yet fans are already impatient to see the star in the role. As of this moment, we know that he’s going to star in the franchise reboot, but not what role he’ll be playing. Will the reboot still center on Connor MacLeod as the original films did? That seems probable, but not guaranteed. They could have a new lead character. Still, fans are convinced that will be the plan and it’s what they want to see. They’ve already loaded up fanart with Cavill as MacLeod. And now, Stryder HD has put together a deepfake trailer so we can see what the actor might look like in the part.

Check out Henry Cavill as The Highlander in the video below.

There’s nothing like a good deepfake for an upcoming movie to make you wonder what will happen in the actual film. How close will Henry Cavill’s costume look to what Christopher Lambert wore when he played the main character in the franchise? Who in the world is going to take on Sean Connery’s character?

If you’ve seen the 1986 original, or the trailer, you know that Highlander is a story that goes from long ago in Scotland to the 1980s in New York City. It’s a pumped up 1980s fantasy-action film that spawned sequel movies and a television series. The franchise is known for pushing the fantasy limits and being fairly over the top. It’s also known for its music.

This deepfake raises an important question for the Henry Cavill reboot. They used a cover of Toto’s Africa for the soundtrack music. The original movie used a Queen song. Should we expect that they’ll be using epic 1980s rock songs for the Highlander reboot, or will they be using something modern? Will Highlander have the same kick if the soundtrack is from The Killers? These are the kinds of important questions Chad Stahelski is going to need to grapple with to bring us a satisfying Highlander reboot.

Highlander Christopher Lambert
Highlander 1986

As mentioned above, fans so far are assuming that Henry Cavill will be playing Connor MacLeod of the films. However, there’s reason to think he may be playing another character, based on a hint in Cavill’s Instagram. When the reboot was announced, he posted about it. In the caption, he says that he grew up being a fan. He mentions that he loved the movies, but also makes mention of the television series. Specifically, he says that the actor who played the character in the TV series looked “remarkably like one of my brothers”.

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The pilot episode of the Highlander tv series had the movie’s character played by the same actor, but then introduced Duncan MacLeod, an immortal raised by the same clan as Connor MacLeod. The series then follows Duncan from there forward. While Connor is the character from the movie series, and the movies are what got everything started, Duncan is also a viable option for the franchise reboot to center around. They could also create a new immortal character, as they did with Duncan for the television series. We’ll have to wait for more news about the reboot and Henry Cavill’s role as it comes out. For now, the fans are willing to keep creating their own fun versions of what they want to see.