Henry Cavill Is In The Flash? New Synopsis Gives Superman Fans Hope

The new synopsis of The Flash indicates Barry Allen is looking for Henry Cavill's Superman, which suggests there might be a cameo from Henry Cavill.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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A new plot summary for The Flash hints at one last onscreen goodbye for the Henry Cavill incarnation of Superman. As reported by The Direct, a synopsis of the upcoming film mentions that Barry Allen is most likely looking for the Man of Steel to help him fight a resurrected General Zod (Michael Shannon), but finds Supergirl instead. This suggests we might have some kind of on-screen cameo from Henry Cavill.

As stated in the synopsis, Barry attempts to “rescue an imprisoned Kryptonian… albeit not the one he’s looking for.” This lines up perfectly with the trailer for The Flash when Barry exclaims, “It’s not Clark,” before newcomer Sasha Calle introduces herself as Kara. But if Calle’s Kara Zor-El, AKA Supergirl, is the Kryptonian Barry isn’t looking for, who is the Flash trying to find?

Barry is almost certainly looking for Superman–the “Clark” from the trailer–when he comes across the hero’s cousin instead. Given that this incarnation of the Flash only knows the Henry Cavill version of Supes, it’s a real possibility that the former The Witcher star could show up in a cameo.

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Or is it? Around the time rumors started circulating that The Flash would feature cameos from both Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, a counter-rumor surfaced claiming the two stars had been excised from the finished film. Even if Cavill’s face doesn’t appear in the movie, he’ll still be mentioned, but is that enough for fans?

Judging by a collective of rabid Zack Snyder fans currently planning to sue Warner over the Superman tease in Black Adam, no. The “Snyder Bros” upset over Henry Cavill leaving the DCU will most likely not be satisfied by a mere mention of the Man of Steel. At this point, even if The Flash contains a bonafide cameo from Henry, it won’t be enough to appease fans upset over the direction James Gunn is taking DC.

According to entertainment insider KC Walsh, the alleged cameo from Henry Cavill wasn’t anything significant. Apparently, at one point, The Flash was supposed to find Superman in the speed force. Realistically this would have resulted in five minutes of screen time for Henry Cavill, max.

James Gunn recently confirmed that he had no plans to bring Cavill back as Superman in his new DCU. The Peacemaker director is instead writing his own film for the Man of Tomorrow and plans to start from scratch with the casting. Gunn’s Superman: Legacy will reportedly feature a younger, re-cast version of the character.

Warner Bros. hasn’t done the greatest job of utilizing its DC characters in live-action in recent years. The Henry Cavill incarnation of Superman has perhaps gotten it the worst. Introduced in the uncharacteristically dour Man of Steel in 2013, the character has been abused and underused ever since.

It would be nice for The Flash to give Henry Cavill a proper sendoff as the “Big Blue Boy Scout” the way it’s rumored to be doing for Ben Affleck’s Batman. Even if Cavill doesn’t appear onscreen, perhaps the movie will take a page from the Simpsons and have Barry remark that “Superman died on the way back to his home planet.”

We’ll find out when The Flash comes out on June 16, 2023.