Henry Cavill Returning As Superman At Last, Teased By Warner Bros. Producer?

Is Henry Cavill returning as Superman after all?

By Annie Banks | Published

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It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, but it might just be the return of Henry Cavill as Clark “Superman” Kent. A post on Instagram uploaded by The Flash producer Barbara Muschietti has sparked hopes around Henry Cavill’s Superman weaving his way back into the DC Extended Universe. The post and social media actions from the producer may have just teased an unexpected appearance by the actor.

The social media events surrounding Henry Cavill are well summarized in a video made by The Flash Film News Twitter account shown below. Barbara Muschietti made a post promoting DC Fandome and promising that a surprise for The Flash would be announced during the event. A commenter then excitedly posts a prayer emoji and says that they want to see a Henry Cavill cameo in the movie. Barbara Muschietti then “liked” this comment. See the screenshots in the video below.

While the producer doesn’t mention Henry Cavill herself, her social media interactions have people talking. In Muschietti’s Instagram post, The Flash producer took the time to promote DC FanDome as it prepares to showcase the extent of DC Films and Warner Bros.’ upcoming releases while simultaneously teasing new content from the studio to come. The event initially launched as of 2020 in response to comic conventions and entertainment expos postponing their in-person events due to the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event has opted to return for its second annual live stream. Henry Cavill’s appearance could be part of the announcement, though it’s more likely that such an appearance will be a surprise for audiences when the film screens.

Social media interactions that are not directly explained or do not detail explicit meanings behind their actions are difficult to read into. Muschietti’s fan interaction cannot be interpreted as concrete confirmation that Henry Cavill is to be tucked away into the plot of The Flash, or that the surprise of his return has been betrayed by a simple click of a button. The actor’s rumored return has fallen under speculation for years, though Warner Bros. nor DC Films have still not greenlit a sequel to Man of Steel.

While Henry Cavill’s future is unknown, The Flash is still promising audiences a lot. Ezra Miller will star in this superhero standalone that circulates around the Scarlet Speedster and is said to have been heavily influenced by the Flashpoint comics published under the DC Comics brand. Flashpoint places Barry “the Flash” Allen in an alternative timeline where the Flash, Superman, and the Justice League cease to exist. Director Andy Muschietti, as well as his cast and crew, have been keen to keep details of the plot safeguarded. The fine details of the film are firmly kept close to Warner Bros. and DC Films, though there has been no official word on Henry Cavill being added to the cast.

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If the “liking” of the comment by Muschietti on her post does not proceed a reveal that Henry Cavill will make his way back to DC Films and Warner Bros., The Flash still aims to be an ambitious crossover event. Former Batmen Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will resume their respected roles of Bruce “Batman” Wayne. Keaton first appeared as the Dark Knight during Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman, whose role was then taken by Val Kilmer and George Clooney in later films. The Flash promises to bring a new version of Supergirl to life, and the Columbian actress will be featured as the first Latina Supergirl.

Audiences may have to wait until the movie releases to see if Henry Cavill’s Superman makes an appearance. The Flash speeds into theaters on November 4, 2022.