Henry Cavill Has Already Filmed His Superman Return For DC?

By Michileen Martin | 2 months ago

Henry Cavill Superman

According to a new rumor circulating social media, it is no longer a question of if Henry Cavill returns to the role of Superman or even when. The new and very much unverified reports say not only will he return to play the Man of Steel, but the scenes have already been shot. We’ll get to see his return, the rumors say, in this November’s The Flash.

The new rumor comes from Twitter user AJ, as reported by Small Screen. Without clarifying exactly who they mean by “we,” in their tweet AJ claims that “we” have located the IMDb page for someone who had previously posted set photos from both The Flash and last year’s Black Widow, and who apparently has claimed that Henry Cavill has already shot scenes from his appearance as Superman in The Flash. They seem to imply that this person’s credibility should be considered solid, as their IMDb supposedly does show them having worked on The Flash and Black Widow, along with No Time to Die. They followed this up with what they claim to be a screenshot from the person’s IMDb page which — if genuine — shows they have worked on The Flash and Indiana Jones 5. You can see those tweets below.

In spite of appearing to be coy about the supposed leaker’s identity, AJ gives more than enough information to identify who they claim to be the source of the Herny Cavill leaks. According to IMDb, the only person who — as indicated by the supposed screenshot above — has worked as a splinter unit video playback operator on both The Flash and Indiana Jones 5 is Adam Forrest. The page also lists work Forrest has done on Black Widow and No Time to Die. Of course, absolutely anyone can submit credits to be listed on IMDb, so even if AJ is to be trusted about the identification, there’s plenty of reasons to still question how much this information can be trusted.

There are also plenty of reasons to think Henry Cavill will reprise the role of Superman in The Flash. Rumors have been swirling about different cameos and guest appearances in The Flash, including those of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as their different versions of Batman, which have since been confirmed. Actually one could argue that if The Flash doesn’t feature Henry Cavill’s return, it represents Warner Bros. leaving boatloads of money sitting on the table. There’s no doubt that executives at Warner Bros. and elsewhere took note of the fan reaction at the returns of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Charlie Cox to their respective long dormant superhero roles in Spider-Man: No Way Home. If they want to come even close to No Way Home‘s payday, that kind of fan service will be integral.

If Henry Cavill does show up, however, it could be just to say goodbye. With Ben Affleck’s insistence that he’s done with the Dark Knight and Michael Keaton returning as Batman in Batgirl, many are theorizing that the events of The Flash will wipe out significant chunks of the DC Cinematic Universe’s history, including some versions of its superheroes. If so, Henry Cavill fans could find themselves cutting their celebrations short.