Henry Cavill To Return As Superman, Part Of A New Master Plan

By Apeksha Bagchi | 4 weeks ago

henry cavill superman

Ever since it was reported earlier this year that Henry Cavill has been signed on the star in an unnamed DC film as Superman, the rumor mills have been churning out reports of which possible upcoming DCEU film he will star in. And as per a recent report by Geekosity Mag’s Mikey Sutton, the Enola Holmes star is all set to return as the Man of Steel in Dwayne Johnson’s currently filming Black Adam

As per the report, Henry Cavill‘s Superman will most likely appear in a cameo role in the film and his inclusion in the film is apparently an idea The Rock has had for years, long before the idea of Justice League was even conceptualized. The report states that it is necessary for Dwayne Johnson that the film includes his Black Adam facing-off against Superman, who is seen as the most powerful DCEU superhero. It further paints the possibility that Henry Cavill could appear at the end of Black Adam or feature in the post-credits scene that would effectively set up Man of Steel 2 and a possible Black Adam 2. 

dwayne johnson black adam

If The Rock’s Black Adam versus Henry Cavill’s Superman does happen in the film, it will be the most exciting fight in the world of DC as according to the comics, both characters are on almost equal footing. But even though Superman has the laser eyes, x-ray vision, and superhero breath, Black Adam is charged by one of the major weaknesses of Clark Kent i.e., magic. Along with the fact that Black Adam too is superpowerful, this added advantage he has might even prove to be too much for the caped hero. 

But none of these rumors has been officially confirmed by either Henry Cavill, Dwayne Johnson, or the Warner Bros. There are chances that Geekosity Mag’s report might also not end up being authentic given the fact that earlier there had been online rumors that had claimed that Henry Cavill would be reprising his role as Superman in the 2023’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods. But it was swiftly followed by Variety and Shazam 2’s director David F. Sandberg debunking the rumors. While the outlet confirmed that Cavill is not returning as the Man of Steel in the film as “two sources with direct knowledge of the production and Cavill’s schedule” had quashed the news, Sandberg took to Twitter to defuse the rumors. 

But even if Shazam 2 and Black Adam don’t mark the return of Henry Cavill, it is now almost official that he is returning to the DCEU ever since Variety reported about it in May last year. There is also the fact that the actor has himself shared with Men’s Health that he really wants to play the part of the DCEU superhero again and is not yet ready to hang up the cape. He has assured that has not given up the role as there is still a “lot of storytelling to do” and a “lot of real, true depths to the honesty of the character I want to get into.” So, no matter how it happens, neither Henry Cavill nor the DCEU is done with each other, not yet.