Henry Cavill May Be Erased From Future DC Superhero Movies, Even Scenes Already Shot

By Mark McKee | Published

henry cavill superman

With every nugget of good news that DC fans get out of Warner Bros., there seems to be a truckload of bad news that follows it; being a fan of the DCU over at Warner Bros. is a constant one-two punch from the studio. While there was great news when the studio announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran would be the new creative team behind the future of the DCU, they started by backing up the truck, the telling sound of the reverse beep signaling something terrible on the horizon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it began with the news that the team would not be moving forward with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins’ version of Wonder Woman 3 and threw into question the future of the rest of the Snyderverse characters, namely Henry Cavill’s Superman. 

With the news that Patty Jenkins’ new script treatment of the third installment of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman wouldn’t be moving forward, combined with the argument about whether Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam was actually successful, there seem to be questions about the future. According to the article, Gunn told Jenkins that her film didn’t fit in with the direction of the new DCU, but that doesn’t mean Gal Gadot doesn’t fit in, just that the already-present iteration doesn’t work. But if she doesn’t fit, does that mean other originals like Henry Cavill, Zachary Levi, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Mamoa, and Margot Robbie don’t fit in either? 

henry cavil superman deal revealed
Henry Cavill as Superman.

There are definitely signs that things will be moving forward positively, with Jason Mamoa showing his excitement at the news he’d be getting a lifelong dream come true with DC (no word on what that dream is) and Gal Gadot expressing the enthusiasm to share the next chapter on Twitter. There is also the positive reception at the return of Henry Cavill announcing his return as Superman on social media, and his cameo at the end of Black Adam, but the truth is that this happened all before the team of Gunn/Safran revealed their plans. If they are willing to cut Gal Gadot, it is also plausible that Cavill is on the chopping block. 

It is important to note that James Gunn is not saying Gal Gadot doesn’t work as Wonder Woman or that Black Adam doesn’t fit in their plans; the report simply says that the film Patty Jenkins wrote doesn’t fit. The future plans of James Gunn’s DCU may consist of newer, more improved versions of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Henry Cavill’s Superman. It isn’t a secret that Wonder Woman 1984 failed to capture the same adoration as her debut film, and that many fans are hoping to see Henry Cavill portray the more hopeful and colorful Superman

Now the most challenging part, we have to wait until at least next week to get more information on what the plans are when James Gunn meets with CEO David Zaslav to deliver their DC multi-year plan. One thing that James Gunn is good at is taking something that doesn’t work, like Suicide Squad, and making it beloved. The problem is that sometimes he has to blow up all the characters up on the beach as he did in The Suicide Squad. Let’s just hope that Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot survive the purge the way Margot Robbie did.