Henry Cavill Reveals Most Difficult Movie To Film, And It Isn’t What You Think

Henry Cavill revealed that Mission Impossible - Fallout was the most difficult movie to film of his career.

By James Brizuela | Published

Henry Cavill has been in plenty of action forward movies in his career, but he recently revealed which was the most difficult to film, and it might not be what fans are expecting. According to Cavill, “[E]ven though it’s not a single shot, it’s a sequence, and I love this sequence and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but physically the most enduring […] was a Mission: Impossible helicopter sequence.” We likely all thought it would be Man of Steel or the many times that he appeared as Superman being the most taxing, but it was engaging in the filming of Mission Impossible – Fallout.

It does make sense that Mission Impossible – Fallout would be one of the most difficult movies that Henry Cavill has dealt with, considering Tom Cruise is also always trying to outdo himself with his own stunts. We would imagine that Cavill was trying to keep pace with Cruise, especially considering Cruise is 20 years older than the Superman actor. However, Cavill explained that being in a helicopter in the dead of winter in the Alps was something that was certainly not ideal by any measure.

henry cavill mission impossible

Extreme cold weather, being up in the air, and having to fire blanks and have other projectiles launched at him are what made Henry Cavill recount the tough nature of the sequence. He also stated that there were small breaks where the helicopter would land, and he would be given a mere 30 minutes to warm his hands before launching back into the air to get another shot of this action sequence. Mission Impossible – Fallout is also the movie that brought forth the infamous “arm reload” so it appears that Cavill was part of something truly special.

We all understand that actors go through a ton of makeup, stunts, and more to make sure that scenes look as believable as possible, so we feel for Henry Cavill having to endure such ferocious cold weather. Even firing a fake gun is likely something that took its toll on his hands, especially in that freezing weather from being in the Alps. We would have believed having to go toe-to-toe with Ben Affleck’s Batman would have been more difficult, but cold weather trumps everything.

Henry Cavill can be happy that Mission Impossible – Fallout turned out to be the most favored in the franchise, and the movie is currently the highest-rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes for both Tom Cruise and Cavill. The “arm reload” and the helicopter sequence has led to a staggering 97% critic approval rating, which is nothing to scoff at. The movie also slightly beats out the hugely successful Top Gun: Maverick in terms of Cruise’s career.

Henry Cavill is set to return as the Man of Steel in the DC Universe, so we might be seeing a new interview in a few years’ time that sees his answer change. But for now, Mission Impossible – Fallout is the one movie that Cavill will always hold as his most difficult. Again, we all know the franchise to be action-packed, and that is in large part to Tom Cruise’s continual efforts to do crazier stunts with each passing movie. We are not sure if Cavill is going to return in Mission Impossible 8, but crazier things have happened.