See Henry Cavill Playing Superman With A Mustache

By Ross Bonaime | 1 month ago

Henry Cavill Superman

Almost from the very beginning of 2018’s Justice League, it’s clear that something has gone horribly wrong. The film starts with a scene showing Henry Cavill as Superman, but his mouth looks unlike any human mouth that has ever existed. That’s because the makers of Justice League had to digitally remove Cavill’s mustache, which he had grown for his part in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Now, we have another look at what Henry Cavill’s Superman looked like with the mustache.

Henry Cavill had to keep the mustache while filming reshoots for Justice League, which led to the creepy, computerized face that exists in Justice League now. But while the post-special effects version of Superman doesn’t look great, neither does the almost sickly pre-special effects Superman seen above. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an image of Henry Cavill as Superman with the mustache. Another image leaked in 2019, which looks slightly more natural than this new image. 

But it will be interesting to see if Zack Snyder reuses some of the mustached-Henry Cavill footage for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and if that material has undergone a complete overhaul. According to producer Deborah Snyder, the new production only shot for three days and resulted in one extra scene, so these creepy CGI’ed mustache scenes might just be left on the cutting room floor of this new cut.

Yet Zack Snyder’s Justice League does did cost over $70 million for Snyder to make, which included new visual effects, score, editing, and that new material, so hopefully, with all that new money going into the four-hour extended cut, we won’t have to see a heavily-CGI’ed version of Henry Cavill as Superman. If this new cut starts with Cavill looking like half his face was in a computer, probably best to turn it off before wasting four hours of your life.

superman henry cavill

But even with Henry Cavill returning as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it’s unclear what his future is in the DC Universe. While Cavill has shown interest in playing the character in future roles, it was recently announced that J.J. Abrams was producing a Superman reboot, with Tan-Nehisi Coates, writer of several Black Panther and Captain America comics writing. This has led many to believe that Cavill won’t be involved, but with DC supposedly opening up the multiverse in The Flash, and with Cavill stating he wants to continue playing Superman, it seems like we haven’t seen the last of Cavill as the superhero.

For many, the computer-animated face of Henry Cavill was a sign that Justice League was doomed almost from the beginning. The film certainly had more flaws than just Cavill’s face, but that mustache-free face was emblematic of the obvious problems that DC ignored to push this superhero team-up film out to the public. Hopefully, some of these issues will be addressed when Zack Snyder’s Justice League is released on HBO Max on March 18, 2021. 

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