Since He Can’t Be Superman Anymore, Henry Cavill  Returning To Another Past Character?

Henry Cavill announced he will no longer portray Superman, but he is also not going to return as Geralt in The Witcher.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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Henry Cavill’s career has been getting hit with more than a bit of Kryptonite lately. After Henry Cavill exited The Witcher, many assumed he would be returning to the DC universe, especially after he appeared in the post-credits scene for Black Adam. Now, though, it’s official that the actor won’t be returning to play Superman, and despite fan demand, he won’t be returning to The Witcher as Geralt, either.

The controversies surrounding Henry Cavill and The Witcher began about six weeks ago. That was when Netflix made the shocking announcement that Cavill would not be coming back for season four of the hit show. Instead, he was going to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth.

Recently, Liam Hemsworth was trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. After Henry Cavill spoke with James Gunn and formally announced he would not be returning as Superman, many fans petitioned to have him return as the Witcher Geralt instead of Hemsworth. Cavill won’t be doing that, though, instead focusing on new projects.

Since confirming his exit from two different major franchises, Henry Cavill decided to do something about as different from The Witcher and Superman as it gets. Recently, it was announced that Cavill would headline a Warhammer 40,000 show made by Amazon. Things are in the early stages of development for that show, though, which currently has no showrunner or writers attached to it.

henry cavill

At first glance, it looks like this might be a match made in heaven. Henry Cavill is a fan of the Warhammer 40k miniatures game just as he was a fan of The Witcher. His passion for the latter helped make it a streaming success, and Amazon is no doubt hoping to leverage both Cavill’s fame and his nerd passion to bring this grim dark sci-fi series to life.

While Henry Cavill definitely won’t be returning as Geralt in The Witcher, some fans have expressed hope that he could return to the DC movies in some form in Gunn’s rebooted universe. For example, Gunn has used social media to tease his desire to eventually do a Kingdom Come movie. This was an iconic Elseworlds DC story that prominently featured an older Superman, and by the time Warner Bros. ever gets around to making a film adaptation, Cavill may be the perfect age to portray an older, somewhat haunted Superman who still knows how to make a difference.

Ultimately, the big question when it comes to Cavill’s future career choices is whether his name alone can bolster his major passion for intellectual properties. It’s generally accepted that the fame and charisma of Henry Cavill helped make The Witcher a hit even among those who had never heard of the game series. But Cavill’s name alone (along with that of famous creep Armie Hammer) was not enough to make the great The Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie into a commercial hit.

If you’re a fan of Henry Cavill, learning that he won’t return to either The Witcher or Superman is a pretty bitter pill. However, the actor has distinguished himself in a variety of different roles and genres. And we’re confident that whatever Cavill tackles next, his career will continue moving faster than a speeding bullet.