Henry Cavill Wants To Join A Major Franchise, But Only Under One Condition

By James Brizuela | 12 seconds ago

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Henry Cavill is a huge nerd and a huge action star. Not only has he dawned the cape as Superman, but he is currently the talk of all pop culture and gaming enthusiasts, because of his portrayal of Geralt from The Witcher. Now it seems that he is interested in a potential Mass Effect series. The hugely popular game franchise is reportedly soon to be picked up as a live-action series. Cavill said he would happily join the adaptation with one caveat. When asked about his potential interest in joining an adaptation of Mass Effect during a recent interview, he said, “Very much so, yeah, all depending on how they’re executing it.” He then explained, “The world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer the adaptation to be less changed from the source, so it all depends.”

There have been plenty of reports indicating that Henry Cavill is the type of person to go all out on the lore of any given project that he is a part of. There have been tons of reports of him quoting specific pages and scenes pulled directly from the pages of The Witcher novels, so it stands to reason that his approach to adaptations requires truth to the source material. The actor wants everything to be as canonically accurate as possible. That is a rare ask for any actor. The ending result usually becomes widely popular among fans of said series, as it has with The Witcher on Netflix.

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Mass Effect

The Mass Effect games have developed a huge story world. That should be tempting for Henry Cavill. It would also make him a good fit to bring the backstory of the video game to live-action. Further reports indicate that Amazon is set to bring the series to life. That is something that has garnered Cavill’s interest, as he further stated, “I think it’s found a home, hasn’t it? If [the series] finds a home, I would love to have a conversation.” Fans around the world would love to see him in a starring role for this series, as he would be welcomed in pretty much everything.

Henry Cavill is a very busy man, as he has deeply locked into filming the second season of The Witcher, which is set to hit Netflix this Friday, December 17th. Fans of the series can finally get their much-needed dose of Geralt slaying all manner of magical beings in the world of one best-adapted video games of all time. Adding Mass Effect to his ever-growing resume would help him become the most popular comic and video game adaptation actor of all time.

Mass Effect was originally released in 2007 on Xbox. Since then, the game has released two sequels, a multitude of spin-offs, and the newest game in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda. During “N7 Day” Bioware showed a trailer for an upcoming game being made that is a direct sequel to the original trilogy. There is no telling as to where Henry Cavill would be placed into the series, but it is likely he might end up playing Commander Shepard from the first game. One thing is for sure, Cavill can handle any game, and with the extensive dialogue is in the Mass Effect series, he might be the only person able to deal with the changes involved in playing this role.