Henry Cavill Begins Talks For Marvel Role

By Rick Gonzales | 2 months ago

henry cavill

Up until a couple of weeks ago, the mere thought of Henry Cavill jumping ship from DC to Marvel was unheard of. Cavill has been part of DC since his first appearance as Superman eight years ago in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. But with the recent announcement of a Superman reboot, Small Screen is now reporting that Cavill is in talks with the movers and shakers at Marvel for an unspecified role.

Apparently, Henry Cavill’s decision to reach out to Marvel was not his first choice. He still wants Superman. He’s played Superman (some say he’s the best Superman) in three movies, the aforementioned Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. He will be making his fourth appearance as Supes in the upcoming Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Cavill has made it perfectly known that he is up for Superman anytime. It appears, though, J.J. Abrams has a different idea.

When Abrams announced that a Superman reboot without Henry Cavill was on its way, it was also announced that Ta-Nehisi Coates had signed on to write the script. Coates, who has never written a screenplay but has many novels under his belt, also has a history with Marvel, having written a Black Panther series as well as Captain America. The immediate thought upon hearing Coates was involved was that Abrams was going to forgo the Clark Kent Superman and instead introduce Calvin Ellis as Black Superman. Whether this is true or not is still up for debate, but it appears Cavill is putting two and two together (yes, this time it adds up to four) and is looking to move on.

While there is not much information available about Henry Cavill’s possible jump to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is speculation as to what superhero he may play. First up would be the obvious, Captain Britain. We know for sure that Captain Britain’s alter ego, Brian Braddock, is somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he was name-dropped by Peggy Carter. You can all be excused if you didn’t catch the name, it was during Avengers: Endgame when Steve Rogers returns in time to Camp Lehigh. There he spies Carter through an office window as she is discussing matters with a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative. While it’s hard to make out, a little investigating through a closed caption device has Carter talking about an incident that recently happened, and agent Braddock had yet to check-in. Could this have planted the seeds for Henry Cavill to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the character?

Captain Britain has been around since 1976 when he was introduced by England’s Marvel company Marvel UK. The Captain Britain comics were exclusive to the United Kingdom. Braddock becomes Captain Britain when the Darkmoor nuclear research center he has a fellowship at is attacked by Joshua Stragg, also known as the supercriminal The Reaver. As Braddock leaves to find help, he crashes his bike, nearly dying. As he lays there, Merlyn and his daughter Roma, the Omniversal Guardian, appear to Braddock, offering him a chance to become Captain Britain. They give him a choice – the Sword of Might or the Amulet of Right. Not considering himself a warrior, Braddock chooses the Amulet of Right. He now becomes Captain Britain.

Of course, there is also that Wolverine rumor going around. With Hugh Jackman claiming his time as Wolverine has come to an end (though Ryan Reynolds may have something more to say about that), Henry Cavill has now been linked to a possible Wolverine role. Interesting, but one could see it happening.

With all this Marvel speculation, let’s not forget that Henry Cavill still has one big franchise he is currently working on and that would be The Witcher. Even with his hamstring injury, production has continued while Cavill was on the mend. He even gave fans an update in January letting them know he went on his first run since the injury.

So, where would you like to see Henry Cavill end up? Should he still be Superman (some at DC think he still will be) or has that ship passed? Should he move along to Marvel and possibly take up the reins of Captain Britain or even possibly as the new Wolverine? Don’t forget, Henry Cavill’s name is also being tossed around as the new James Bond. Where he ends up (besides as Geralt of Rivia) is anyone’s guess but just know, he will end up somewhere.