Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel 2 Finally Happening?

Rumors suggest that James Gunn could direct Henry Cavill and Man of Steel 2.

By James Brizuela | Published

Dwayne Johnson has been quite instrumental in bringing back Henry Cavill to DC and pushing forward the idea that Man of Steel 2 should happen. He has long been an advocate for Cavill’s portrayal of the Last Son of Krypton, and it appears that his support is starting to make waves. There are growing rumors that Warner Bros. Discovery is now making a strong push to give Cavill the same spotlight that he once had for the original origin movie.

An even bigger rumor is that James Gunn is going to be working on a mystery movie for DC, and while some would gather that could be a follow-up to his Suicide Squad movie, some could argue that he could be targeting Henry Cavill and Man of Steel 2. Gunn has essentially wrapped up his time with Marvel, as he has all but finished Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. With his time in the MCU done, there have been plenty of rumors that he is heading to have a more expanded role within the DCEU, and what better way than to have the man direct one of the most asked about sequels.

henry cavill superman flash

Henry Cavill returning for Man of Steel 2 has been something fans have been asking for since he roared into everyone’s lives back in 2013. Sadly, instead of further exploring his character in a deserved sequel, along with giving all the Justice League characters their own solo ventures, DC attempted to mash everyone together to catch up to Marvel’s Avengers. The resulting Zack Snyder universe was born, which failed on every front.

Now is the time for Henry Cavill to return to Man of Steel 2 and bring the DCEU back to a place that had initially started with much excitement. If The Flash, Black Adam, Shazam 2, and Aquaman 2 are meant to restart things, then Cavill should lead that charge along with Johnson’s Black Adam. Bringing in James Gunn would also benefit this new wave of DC movies, as his ventures have already been quite fantastic.

DC Films and Warner Bros. Discovery are still searching for their Kevin Feige hire, but it appears that everyone is not wanting that job until the issues with WBD are sorted out. However, should Black Adam and the rest of the new DC films be successful, that job might be a bit more attractive to potential hires. Also, Gunn taking on Henry Cavill and Man of Steel 2 would further bolster the idea of taking over as DC’s head honcho.

DC Films needs to do something drastic after their universe crashed and burned for years on end, and it could be that things are starting to move in a more positive direction, especially with how involved Johnson is with Black Adam. Henry Cavill being brought back as Superman for Man of Steel 2 is going to certainly be a hit with fans, especially if James Gunn is brought on as the director. We certainly hope this Gunn mystery movie is going to be Man of Steel 2.