Henry Cavill Pushing To Play One Of The Biggest Characters Of All Time?

By Apeksha Bagchi | 17 seconds ago

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It is common knowledge that the upcoming (and severely delayed) No Time To Die, the 25th James Bond film, will be the last time that Daniel Craig portrays the character of the iconic 007. The creative minds behind the films are already on the hunt for a new actor to take on the classic role of James Bond once Craig retires and one name that is once again being taken in conjunction with the hunt for the next elite spy is Henry Cavill. 

We Got This Covered has reported that according to its sources, Henry Cavill is striving to be the next James Bond. Reportedly, he is pushing to get his hands on the opportunity to play the character once Craig steps down. While there are no other facts in the report backing this claim, it is not hard to believe that Cavill still has his eyes on the coveted role after all these years. 

Of late, the topic of Henry Cavill once being a strong contender for the next James Bond film in the early 2000s has been doing the rounds. For those who are not aware, The Witcher actor was one of the many stars who auditioned for the role of 007 back in 2003-2004, along with Croatian actor Goran Višnjić, Karl Urban, Sam Worthington, and Dougray Scott. While each of them was not chosen or dropped out early in the project, it was Cavill who came very close to be James Bond in Casino Royale

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But the film’s director, Martin Campbell, had later revealed that even though Henry Cavill had good looks, a strong physique, and the required acting skills, he was too young to play the role, especially as they were aiming to bring a “much grittier and tougher” version of James Bond to the screen. Recently, the actor himself revealed a totally different reason behind him not getting the role. In a chat with Insider, the Man of Steel star revealed while he has an impressive physique today, he had none of that when he auditioned for the film. Campbell then proceeded to let him down gently by explaining that he didn’t have the necessary body build to be a Bond. The director advised him to buff up the next time he auditioned for similar roles in the future. Cavill wasn’t put off by his comments as they came from a place of “mentorship and guidance” and it is evident that the actor followed Campbell’s words like gospel. 

Anyway, as we mentioned above, it is entirely possible that Henry Cavill is now aiming for the biggest Hollywood character i.e., James Bond. In the past, the actor has confirmed that being James Bond is still on his to-do list once Daniel Craig retires from the role. Even though Craig has set some pretty high standards as the spy in the suit, Cavil is more than up for the “wonderful challenge.” Seeing that the actor has efficiently played characters like Superman, Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher), and Sherlock Holmes (Enola Holmes), he will be perfect as the next Bond. And while he is undoubtedly a worthy contender, if he is indeed making efforts to save time in aligning the stars, we are all for it!