Henry Cavill Shares A Personal Photo As Geralt Revealing a Close-up Of The Glowing Eyes

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

henry cavill

Henry Cavill and The Witcher are a match made in heaven. From becoming Superman to becoming one of fantasy fiction and video games’ most revered characters, Cavill has shown time and time that he truly is a superstar in the film world, but also a deeply rooted nerd that understands a ton of pop culture subjects that leave fans reeling. Cavill recently took to his Instagram to show off a close-up shot of his eyes, presumably from his time on set for the second season of The Witcher.

Henry Cavill has a whopping 17.6 million followers and plenty of them are invested in everything the man does. For example, this photo has already amassed two million likes. Just seeing Geralt’s eyes is enough of a preview to send the internet throttling into fan theories about what may be coming in The Witcher’s second season. One thing is for sure, Cavill should think about keeping his eyes this color forever. They go well with his hair.

Even though Henry Cavill doesn’t need to show off behind-the-scenes shots for fans to throw themselves into a tizzy, Cavill is still allowing fans to see the newest version of one of his more popular played characters, Geralt. The Witcher’s first season on Netflix was a smash hit and fans cannot wait to see where the story goes in the second season. Though if you’ve read the novels or played the games, you may have an idea. Still, shows have a tendency to change the subject matter to a more dramatic style. That could be the case with this second season.

Even though the post is mostly making reference to Geralt and The Witcher, Henry Cavill shows that his level of nerd knowledge spans generations and many different levels. Cavill makes a small joke in reference to the ever-popular PC game, Warhammer. This wouldn’t make sense to those who have never played the game, but it makes sense to fans who know that Cavill is also a fan of PC gaming. He even took to the internet to show off his PC-building skills during the shutdowns of the pandemic. Is there anything this man can’t do?

The Witcher season two is set to debut on December 17th on Netflix, and Henry Cavill is giving the fans what they want by allowing a behind-the-scenes photo that is part of his, “personal collection.” The studio may not know that Cavill has posted this Instagram picture, but what could they do to stop him? He is Superman and Geralt, after all. They can’t mess with that.

Although it seems that Henry Cavill is focused on bringing further life to the huge popularity of The Witcher, fans are clamoring for him to return in some scope as Superman. Cavill’s coolness meter shot way up when he recently discussed his feelings about the new black Superman and wanting to team up with whoever dawns the cape next. Hopefully one day the world will see a Man of Steel sequel, but for now, fans can drool at Cavill’s very accurate portrayal of the sword-wielding and ghoul slaying Geralt.